my char. needs help


hey everyone, ive been trying to do some char drawing lately with my wacom, i think ive gotten off to a pretty go start, but theres a couple things that dont look right that i dont know how to fix, maybe some one here can help.

heres the full image.

heres a pic of one of the problematic areas.

and another.


i like your style, i played around with the hand abit, hope this helps


damn, that looks way better, thanks


no prob. one thing i noticed about the face is the line from her left eye that goes down to her mouth. if you moved it over a little to the left at the base of the eye, and a little to the right, a bit below the tip of the nose. That might give her a more noticeable cheek bone


heres an update… does any one have suggestions on clothes?


:thumbsup: moving along nicely. you could probably lose the upper black line in the left leg calf area. which program are you useing? is your out line on the same layer as your colouring?


im using photoshop, and everythings on different layers, and good idea about the calf line


instead of black for your outline you should try different colours with the colour overlay use a colour closer to the colour you are useing to colour, hope that makes sense


The foreshortening on the left arm is alsmot invisible. You need to work on some of the forms that are in front to over lap forms in the back, right now if you just glance at it it will just look like her arm is shorter then the other. You might also try to think of the weapon like this. The way she is holding the weapon, there would be no way she could
a. hold the weigfht of the object
b. Hold the object and pole in that direction.
c. The thumb on the left hand is tiny, it needs to be thicker, and shorter.

This is a nice pose, very difficult when you get to the hands. If i had a scanner id try to scketch a version and post it. Ill get back to you on this one. BTW, here are some great online anatomy stuff

Hope i helped you out.


thanks for the tips.
i agree about the weapon, theres many things wring with it, i will fix that when i have a chance. but im not to sure what you mean by forshortening, do you mean instead of it looking like its coming out at you, it really looks like its going strait down? if thats what you mean, then yea i think your right. thanks for the website to, ive been looking for sites like that, im new to figure drawing and i need all the help i can get. ive been inspired by all the people on this forum, so i thought i’d give it a shot, hopefully i might get as good as some of the people here some day.


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