My CGWorkshop for DMP is back!


I’m happy to announce that I’ll be back teaching my intensive 8 week online workshop through CGSociety this upcoming June after almost a year break! Signups:

This workshop will set you up for Heather Abels Raymond’s course, and will give you a solid introduction to the art of digital matte painting.

Check out this brief video for what it’s all about:


Also visit my website here for more info, past student work and testimonials: Feel free to ask me any questions here or privately at

Thanks, and hope to see you in June!


Just read the testimonials on your website. Seems every one loved your workshop. Excited it’s back! :bounce:


Such a shame that CGWorkshops has been down all day. We haven’t been able to log in to access the course material or post in the forums. I raised a support thread and it appears every body is experiencing the issue. Hopefully it’ll be resolved by tomorrow!


Heyo Dave,

Yeah, sorry that this is happening to the everyone, as the it’s seems to be a big outage. Even I can’t log in :frowning: CGSociety admins are aware and their time zone is in Australia so it’s just morning Thursday for them now (9:30am) and they’re working as hard and fast as possible to get it up for everyone again. Hopefully soon Dave, and I’ll email out everyone again soon when it’s back up!


Can you post some student examples here?