My car needs an interior!!


I have finished modeling every part of my car but the interior. I have made a few car models but never an interior. I’m doing this in polymodeling. The car is a coupe…so how would I go about modeling the interior?

The normals are all facing outside and my mesh is quite complex so it is slow and hard to work with. I don’t want major detail…but I just finally got to thinking of how I would do an interior and the only thing I could think of is make a separate interior and try to line it up with the shell exterior. Is there an easier way?!

here’s the car if it helps:

Help please!!


Picture doesn’t work :\

The car should be already a lot of objects. Hide basically everything that isn’t close to the inside and just start to model it out. If you normals are facing the wrong way just invert them or make the ploys have depth to them. If some parts of the inside to quite fit with the outside shell then use span to vertices to get them just right where you want them.
Remember to always model in as many pieces as you can.

I bet the tires are the only thing that are slowing down the scene a lot. Its hard working with so many objects on the screen though so I just suggest hiding everything and have a really basic layout of the inside before starting.


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