My Camera is Sick :(


Damn… I was all excited to use my Pentax K100D SLR for our assignment… I took a test shot before I went out, and my shutter got jammed :(.

So now I’m out a camera and gone til friday…

I may be able to find a camera to borrow this weekkend… but if anyone’s going out shooting this coming weekend let me know… if I don’t find a loaner, I may need your help!


A jammed shutter isn’t necessarily a huge, unrecoverable problem. You might get that camera working on a restart with a few more shots taken. Still, I hope you can find someone else to work with. As a former film major when I was in school, I can tell you that doing shoots in groups is more interesting and in some ways more productive that shooting by yourself.

Did anyone find Isaac and figure out the policy on borrowing digital cameras from the school?



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