my boyfriend is a monster, heri irawan (2D)


Title: my boyfriend is a monster
Name: heri irawan
Country: Austria
Software: Photoshop

my boyfriend is a monster,
this is a true story from friend of mine, he is rich but he is stupid and ugly, he has a lot of girl friends just because he has a lot of money.

i thing this is an interesting thema, this is done for my own book project, which is i dont know when it will be finish and publish…

critic and comment are welcome.


Hehe, Awesome characters and great colours


thank you belal,pity i cant show her face.


Lol, very common situation :smiley:
I bet you was inspired by reality :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool lighting and nice beard rendering!


thanks mario, i will come to you soon.


hehe, This is very very great quality of rendering! 3d looks! Awesome character and also funny screen! Ah!! the texture on the object is super awesome perfect! Heri is Champion as always! Cheers :smiley:


hi wanchana, thank you so much my friend!.


Great work my friend, very good rendering and fantastic lighting, the big boy character and his expression are very funny :slight_smile:


Awesome work irawan,
[color=White]I love his expression[/color][color=White] lol[/color]



jezabel and andias, glad you like it!:love:


Hehe, it’s very funny! really i love it! congrats one more time!great work!:slight_smile:


Ha ha ha, very funny concept and excellent lighting and color :wink:


marilena and felideus thank you so much !


your friendship must be very strong if it can survive such a painting^^
the light, and colors and the tight rendering are just perfect!
for some reason the big guys hands are my favorite parts…guess I have some sort of fetish


I like it! I like your colors & all your works


Great execution as always heri…hope u are doing good…:slight_smile:


Hi Prithvi, I am fine,thanks! i feel better after break for one month from computer.
btw,thanks for your time!


Wow! Very nice work! ~


nice theme, great colors and real exposure.

well done bro:P



I love the concept! The boyfriend is very funny, well done!