My Birail Is acting up (birail 3+ not working at all)


Well I think the thread name says it all the birail wont work at all I give you the error message I get from the command line.

multiProfileBirailSurface -tp2 0 -ch 1 -po 0 -tm 1 -tp1 0 curve106 curve114 curve112detachedCurve2 curve123 curve122 ;

// Error: mpBirailSrf1 (Mp Birail Srf Node): birail surface computation failed //

// Warning: You have an empty result since history is on. You may want to undo the last command. //

// Result: multiProfileBirailSurface5 mpBirailSrf1 //

// Error: mpBirailSrf1 (Mp Birail Srf Node): birail surface computation failed //

I undo and it dosnt work
I delete history by following the path ( Edit>delete all by type>history ) and it still dosnt work for me.

Anybody know what the @#$% im doing wrong ? :surprised



The most likely cause is that one of more of the curves are not touching eachother. A tip: the surface node is created already on the failed attempt. You mearly have to go around and make sure all the curves are snapped properly. When you fix the final offending curve the surface will appear.



Okie dokie Ill Giv it a shot thanks for the suggestion by the way “jscott”



Youre doing the Subaru Impreza WRX Tutorial, Aren’t you :wink:
I had exact the same problem at the same time, all the cvs were snapped correctly. The Problem was, that the points weren’t all snaped, so turn on pointview and snap the points to and it will work.



you might like to use a script i wrote called railSnap, found on highend3d, which snaps and maintains EP intersections of profiles with the rail curves.



yeah im doing the WRX tut by mike thompson…I beleive.
Its a very good tutorials very in-depth…and dificult at times the hardest part is building the spline cage bits and bobs trying to get the curves to line up and whatnot have you completed it ?

wrend: yES!! im gonna get that script :wink: THX THX THX!

THanks for the help guys.


lol, no i didn’t finish it till now, I may finish it later, I stopped there where the door gets build, but now I’m on another thing…


Yeah I know the feeling ( (>_<) ) Before I got that script (by wrend ;)) I tried getting the same results with a loft and…well…it kinda worked all had to do was tweak a few CVs and it looked pretty much like his it was in the side fender I got stuck but I shall go back and follow again…

if I do complete this it will be the 2nd tut i have fully completed LOL!


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