my biography


i myself am a recovering heroin addict who has had a pretty rough life and i just want to tell my story. i know other people going thru the same things would like to see a movie that they can relate to. yeah, there are other movies out there that try to tell you an accurate account of heroin and all the bad things that comes with it, but i could maybe only relate to 1 or 2 things in the whole thing. the only movie i can remember that was any where similar to it was basketball diaries. but i think its time for something a little more updated. i think my experiences are just that. i dont want to glorify drugs in any way, i just wanna show it for how it really is, which is nothing pretty. i always thought maybe if i saw a movie like that i could relate to like that, maybe i wouldnt be where i am today, or maybe i would. i dont know. i wanna show all the bad things that come with being an addict and all the bad choices you make that will haunt you forever and ever. MY HELL ON EARTH…


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