My attempt at a walk cycle


Here is a walk cycle using the Alfred rig i am working on. I feel like there is still something that just doesn’t look right, but am stumped. I have been animating for about 6 months, so am still sort of a newb and was hoping for some crits.

Here is the link (sorry, it’s YouTube).


Not bad!

Two things that stand out to me immediately are the torso and front leg.

Firstly, I feel like the characters torso is moving awkwardly. Try having him lean forwards more and reduce the amount of change in this angle as he takes each step. At the moment his torso rotates forward an backward from the hips in each step - a bit like a pidgeon. This is causing his COG to move forwards and backwards too much. It looks a little odd.

And secondly, try making the front leg straighten by the time the foot contacts the ground.

I hope this helps.


You may also want to look into the timing of the feet.

Right now it appears that the rear foot is beginning to lift off the ground before the front foot has completely landed. This can create a feeling of weightlessness.

If you straighten out the leading leg as mentioned above, and plant it one or two frames earlier, this should help a lot.

The upper body and head are also very stiff, try putting the slightest amount of bend and follow-through into the chest, then follow that on into the head. Be careful not to over do it though.


Thanks for your help. I’ve used your comments and changed a couple of things. Here is the updated walk cycle.


It’s definitely getting better!

A couple of suggestions…

When the front foot contacts, have it straighten sooner after the initial bend. This will change the up and down motion of the body a bit. Check out Richard Williams’ Walk Cycle.

Try increasing the bend in the arms and wrists when they’re in front. They seem a little stiff there…


looks good but i think he leans back to far at the beginning of each step… would be good if u were trying to make a sneak walk cycle, but for this it makes lit look like hes about to fall over backward evert step


Thanks for the help.

Here is my updated work (stil in progress)


I still think the body’s COG isn’t right…

Take another look at Richard Williams’ walk cycle above. Notice how the body’s angle remains the same throughout the cycle? Try eliminating the change in rotation here and maybe also push his body forward more.

When we walk we are essentially in a state of falling (our COG is too far forward) and we constantly catch ourselves by putting one foot in front of the other. I feel like this guy’s weight is too far back. Maybe it’s the rotation you have in his body that’s putting me off… He’s leaning back each time his front foot contacts and I’m not so sure it’s working.

Another thing that might look good is to increase the angle of the front foot just before it contacts the ground and/or removing any frames you have between the foot contacting with the toes up, and when the foot is flat on the ground. Basically, it will read better if it hits the ground in 1 frame.

I hope I’m helping and not confusing you!


OK, so I rotated and moved the COG forward a little, rotated the foot back at the contact point, and shortened the time between the contact point and planting the foot. Let me know what you guys think.

Walk Cycle


It’s looking good!

That front leg is still not working though… I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I think maybe it needs to extend more, and stay straight for longer. When I watch the clip I don’t see the front leg as ever being straight, even though I can stop it and find a frame where the leg is indeed straight.

Can anyone else offer any suggestions?

I can definitely see an improvement from the first clip you posted, so it’s heading in the right direction. :slight_smile:


I think the problem with the front leg could still be the COG. It seems to dip to it’s lowest point on the same frame that the foot slaps down (though it’s hard to tell for sure without being able to scrub through frame by frame). Try having it’s low point be a frame or two after the slap, it may help the front leg not pop as much. I also still think the COG is too far back when I watch the side view, try moving it forward a bit more. Keep up the good work, it gets better every time you post.




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