My annual sub for perpetual 3dsmax ended, is arnold still usable, or linked to the annual sub?


So I didn’t renew the maintenance, enough is enough. No real need to do so now, with blender maturity, btw.

But I had a weird problem with arnold in one of my scenes, where the render stop after a few seconds, leaving many black squares of non-rendered buckets everywhere.
I was wondering if arnold remains for me perpetual as 3dsmax is?

Thank you.


It should still work, but I don’t really know.

Backburner was shifted to be only available with subscription or maintenance recently. Probably not the reason, though.

Please let us know if you get any definite answer to this.


Thank you for your reply.
I hope it’ll still work in the future. But for me now, it doesn’t really matter anymore. A tool is a tool, and I’m ready to learn another one.
I was a bit worried when I cancelled, but feel kind of relieved in a way.


Why don’t you get the Academic Version? Autodesk is generous to a fault with those. People (like me) openly write in the Autodesk forums: “All I can afford is the student license” (and I am not a student). They still give me 110% support, publicly and they send me private e-mails: “Is there anything else you need?” The developers have given me their internal e-mail address. This is unheard of.

In my 20+ years using software I had never seen a company so nice with folks like me who are not paid customers.

Take a look at the YouTube tutorials. Count the ones that say “Education Version” (which is exactly as capable as the commercial version).

Oh, and every time I download some upgrade, they keep of pushing me to install more applications.

All you have to do is select the last choice “Design Competition Mentor” and you will not be asked for an educational institution. You will get 3 years totally free, totally legal.

JFK Numbers

Proud User of the Education Versions (3ds Max, Maya, Revit, ReCap Pro, ReCap Photo, etc., etc., etc.)


I understand that you appreciate when someone “gives” something to you for “free”.
But, you should re-consider your position by seeing the big picture of autodesk before being an advocate for them, and participating to the injustice they commit.

This company has been mistreating its customers for quite some time, to such a degree that we can’t come to their defense anymore. The worst injustice they, and adobe, is that they use their dominant position to force the people into financial enslavement.

This cannot be tolerated, and if not stopped, it will be generalized (at it already began) and will eventually lead to tyranny.

More than anything, this a question of principles. Will you accept enslavement and give up your freedom or not?

You may still be young, or not have a family to support, correct me if it’s not, but your proposition omits the fact that I use 3dsmax commercially, and the student license doesn’t allow that.
That’s why their are making it available for “free”.

But nothing is free, isn’t it?

Think on the long term, and protect your rights, and rights of the people you love.


This is the way I see it. I am an experienced software developer who spends a lot of times looking for models, asking questions in forums, finding and reporting bugs. Autodesk has been to me nothing but kind and helpful.

I and my PC (in which I spent more money than I should) are at the disposal of that company.

In this industry, we the users of this very complex applications have become the scarce resource. We are being wooed. The sole exception seems to be SolidWorks, due to their dominant, almost monopolistic position.

BTW: My project is Free Open Source and Not for Profit.

Each individual case, of course, may be different.




Here’s another possibility:

3DS Max Developer Grants

Unreal Studio also has grants, to the tune of $100 million bucks:

Unreal Engine Megagrants

JFK Numbers


Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Another good perspective is blender now.

I was skeptical about it for a long time, but I must admit it really came to maturity and surprised everybody. It is now, imo, a viable professional solution for individuals and studios and I suggest that we all support that by using it and, eventually, switch to it when suitable.