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Hello All:
I have set up a website showing 2 animation shorts I have completed as well as several 2d works in traditional media.
These may be viewed at:

I may be contacted at:



I appreciate folks visiting the site , but I would like to get a little feedback.
Nobody likes to feel like they’re invisible.


Hey man,

Well you asked for it!

I watched most of reefer madness and all I can say is this: I know it can be tempting for a beginner to want to dive right in with a short film or something, but you NEED to learn the basic principles of acting and animation before trying to make a short.

Not only was the animation totally boring, but it was done about as poorly as possible and made absolutely no sense.

I know it’s been said a thousand times, but don’t move onto character animation until you’ve mastered things like the bouncing ball, and swinging rope etc etc!


Well, Troll’s Life was entertaining to me for its sheer ridiculousness…
But Tyson’s right, maybe do some exercises and some reading first.


well i did find it amusing, however i do agree with the others…i’m not a professional, but i do understand that its not just what you render & compose, but its also how you present it…but you’re not even there yet.

I kindly suggest working on modeling (polygon & organic). Before you do any keyframing you should study movement…not just people…animals, leaves falling off a tree, paper blowing in the wind…everything…& when you do…think about primary & secondary movements…think about gravity…your short film “reefer madness” your character didn’t fall to the ground…he floated to the ground.

Before you start lighting your seen you should study light…better yet pick up books on lighting…like studio photography, or jeremy’s book: Lighting & Rendering. Take a class in photography…the knowledge you get from that class will help you a lot…hell you’ll love it too…especially when you get to photograph your own textures:)

If you can afford it you should take a class in cinematography. I hope I didn’t discourage you…Thats not my goal…since very few responded I figured someone had to explain.


your model needs a lot of work for proper deformation…

you also need to put a lot of time working on your story…

but that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

no bashing intended dude… just feedback…



although not the highest level of technical competency a trolls life is sumpremely enjoyable. i watched it 5 times. thankyou, and keep it up


Yes trolls life was frightening and disturbing on levels beyond my comprehension. It will probably haunt me for the rest of my days.

One question is why the “expert” behind 3DSmax and animation on your resume? I don’t want to discourage you but everyone has to start at the bottom.

One day when your skills catch up with your imagination/sense of humour you will be an expert. :smiley:


chuckles -

Dont be discouraged by the negative feedback. Everyones work looks pretty crappy when they first start out. This is normal. To be good in 3D is something that comes with a hell of a lot of effort and time - you might feel like you`ve already put that in - but trust me these things take blood sweat and tears.

Decide what you wanna do. Dont try to be a modeling-animating-rigging-lighting-texture-monkey. Find the one you like best and concentrate on that.

I actually disagree with what the others are saying about jumping in head first and making a short – I did exactly the same when I first started out, and I think its the best way for you to discover what part of the process you actually like best. Well done with your efforts on seeing 2 projects through to completion. Now is the time to specialize in what you found most enjoyable when making these shorts… and start from the ground up.

good luck man !


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