My Animation Showreel


Showreel link -

[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]This is First Effort of my workpiece,[/font]

First, a story portrayed.

In the darkness of night an uncontrolled car crashed into a wall. from which a girl came out with staggered steps and reached out to the Graveyard.
With Short cloths, alcohol and smoke of cigarette she goes down with help of wall. In the darkness, evil eyes seems to stare at her.Lost and steeped in depression girl is unaware of the bad eyes.A good soul in the same environment, suspected the sense of eyes and the girl’s helplessness, to help her, good soul covered her by his shroud, because he understands “she need it more than he is”.

Animation is my primary subject, and its associated + few other works have also shown! i am looking for a suitable job.

Thank you for collaboration of your valuable time !

Anupama singh chandel.


Looks pretty good. There’s something bothering me about the hand with the lighter in it. It may be the compression vimeo applies to it, but it looks as if the lighter isn’t connected to the hand. Part of the time it seems to be floating in between the fingers.


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