My 2D challenge entry - or not


By any chance, could I put my image here so as to receive some replies for a question about lights???

Or I have to keep my picture there?



ps - by the way, the link for the thread is in the signature


yes, why not?

ps. iae bruzunda? mto massa seus trabs na 3donline :drool:


Thanks Durang

But still waiting for moderators permission…

Thanks for your compliments.

Cê participa de lá do forum?


Hmmmm … I find it odd that people can’t seem to find the 2D Challenge forum and give you a critique there. But, to answer your question, I don’t see a need to post the same image in multiple forums. Then again … as long as your hosting the image on your webspace, I don’t see what it would hurt either. :shrug:

Does that sound wishy-washy enough for you? Hehehehe.

I like the image and I think you’re doing a fine job with it. The only thing that I can suggest is to do something with the abundance of colors at the bottom of the image. It draws too much attention away from the subject matter. Maybe if you use less saturated colors and cut back on the contrast a bit. I think you can give the viewer the impression that there are mangled orcs there without having to provide as much detail. The darker sky looks better also.



I didn’t understand what ‘wishy-washy’ means… my english is not that good…

but really apreciated your comments, thanks.

That orcs are making me have a headache each time i think about then. The main body is close to it’s final, as well as the background… but thesesdamn orcs…
I’ll try your suggestions and see what happens…

nobody would mention the lightning? Is that ok for everybody?

Here’s the last wip, for you that’s missing the challenge,


Wishy-washy is the art of making a decision without really making a decision. Being indecisive or too flexible about the rules.

It was a joke … don’t worry about it. :smiley:


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