mx700 cordless mouse failing


Thougt I would spend a bit more on a mouse this time, just like the rest of my recent hardware buys.

Like alot of the things I have bought lately there have been problems, chipset fans failing, lack of drivers, or in the case of my mouse the buttons are now failing, with only 3 months or so of use.

With my little moan out the way, I just wondered if anyone else here has experienced problems with the mx700 and button clicking. In my case the left and right buttons are tempramental. Sometimes they choose to double click instead of single click. So on dragging this browser window it will somtimes maximise instead of moving, or on other occasions, it will just be dropped half way. The right buttons takes a number of attempts to bring up the optional windows. The clicking problems are obviously a nightmare for 3d.

The problems are consistent across xp32 and xp64, and I’ve tried a number of driver solutions.

Just wondering if I’m missing something. I’ve moved my mobile, well away from kit, could it be something else, or is it just faulty?




That happened on my old mouses few years back. After a while (those were much cheaper models) and a lot of clicking the contact damages and when you have it pressed it losses contact insead of staying clicked. But you’re talking about a new model? Maybe it’s a faulty one. Doesn’t apear to be driver related, though I could be wrong.


Thanks for the response. Same conclusion, I’ll be sending it back.




I’ve had my MX700 for a few years I’d say–since pretty much release, whenever that was. I’m actually going to purchase another one (since all these new mice are either lacking or over the top) with my upcoming computer upgrade.

Has worked great for me the whole time–had to replace the rechargable batteries once though, they stopped holding a charge.


So did I, loved it. Though, now I think this G7 is better. It has two bateries, very easy to replace (no opening, just click and it falls out) and also, it has shiny plastic, like it’s covered with oil lol, can’t explain it better, so plastic won’t be “used up” like on mx700.


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