Mutita World, Goodlag (3D)


hi~~~ ^_____^

my name is mutita --;

sorry my english --;

my gallery





Hi mutita,

that’s awesome, i really like these!!

are this planned for a game, looks
a little like that.

Give us some more information.
like software, or purpose or



Woo-hooo! Some food for the frontpage, I guess! :wink:
This is very very well done! Great detail and I love the textures!!! :drool:
Incredibly fine work, it very much reminds me of the Commandos 2 style (which is one of the greatest compliments I could make…)
But compare yourself!
What did you do this for? Game? Short? Fun?

Anyway. You earn my greatest respect! :applause:



hi Hasch2o

thanks ^^

yes … for a game

used 3dsmax&photoshop ^^

sorry my english


Beautiful game work. Keep up the great work.


Looks pretty much like Diablo screenshots. Not a bad thing, since Blizzard rocks the world, but… well there it is. Very pretty artwork! Is this a game you’re putting together yourself or what’s the details?


Hi Mutita,that’s a great work, fantastic details.
A shame its not for animation.
Can you post some shots with non orthogonal camera?


wow very wicked work :buttrock:
and more groovy work in ur gallery, top stuff :buttrock:


I’d like to play this game :thumbsup: Maybe U could show some wires, textures… just to see how it’s all done?


holy CRAP!!

nice detail!! I really like the straw onthe floor…good attention to detail…what’s the game called?


Ammmmaaazing work! beautiful textures especially the detail :thumbsup:


really nice. :eek:

please, put your page in others languajes( if spanish better :hmm: )

sorry my english.


These pics are awesome! :eek: Texturing and lighting are top notch and I like the subject matter. My only crit would be that I would like to see a broader more rich color palette. Some of the scenes come off being nearly monochromatic.

Great work…

Are these production renders for a game? or personal work?



these pics are awesome, and the sheer level of detail is just… hubba! :thumbsup:

-Can we see some work in progress as to how much 2D/3D this is?


  • jonas


Excellent work. Im guessing this is for Diablo 2 or some game like that? It looks just as good or better than Blizzard’s level. :slight_smile:


my bet is on Diablo2 expansion or somethinga like :smiley:

looks very good



thanks for many words…
I’m very glad …

my works is for mmorpg game

game name “LEGEND OF MIR3”

sorry my english

here game playshot

game trailer