musthave xsi plug-ins ?


hey artists !

i purchased a copy of foundation 2 days ago :slight_smile:
i have used cinema for about 2 years now and there are several plugs that i was used to use extensively (not only because of the lack of good modeling tools in c4d)…

still waiting for that xsi box i am wondering which plugins/shader/scripts are a musthave for xsi ?

i am mainly focused on charactermodeling/animation but i also want to create some environments for them :wink:

some tips are greatly appreciated !

best regards


xsi has little to no market for plug-ins, but there are a couple of freebies that are worth having:
RCTools by Reinhard Claus have been made slightly obsolete by the new flow modifier (alt key), but they still offer an alternative looping and ringing of selections that is sometimes useful, plus they have an invaluable cap hole and a smooth (that the foundation version lacks).

all the shaders by Daniel Rind ( in the tools pages), like Dirtmap(AO), Diffusion(SSS), anisotropic friendly UV space generator and so on.

and some other things by Guy Rabiller, Helge and the rest of the freebie releasers.
most of what you could want to use comes for free and can be found on XSIbase’s pages or on XSInet (if not directly in the viewport).


thank you ! i am gonna have a look at those mentioned thingies :slight_smile:


p.s. if theres anyone else who has another idea/resource - let me know :slight_smile:


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