Mustang GT 2012 3D Model (first post)


Hi guys, I’m currently a student at Staffordshire University and for one of my final year modules, I have been asked for external feedback for a car model I have created. This is the first car I’ve modelled and first ever post on any fourm - yay.
Anyway the brief of the project was to take an actual road car and develop it into a form of racing car. As I am a FX student I was not assigned a poly count, unlike the games students, so therefore I had no limit to the amount of detail I could go into
Here is the work:

Livery Design

3D Model Exterior without smoothing (wireframe)

3D Model Exterior (wireframe)

3D Model Exterior

Interior Modelling (wireframe)

Engine without smoothing (wireframe)

Engine (wireframe)

Texture Renders


Hello Emdboz,

First of all welcome to the never ending world of A R T, and congratulations on your first model. :applause:
Now as you are a fresher you have a long way to go, but frankly for your first model you have done a very sweet job.

Ok now heres a few advises I’ll forward you. :wavey:

  1. I am a fan of mustangs because of their hard edges & fenders. The front end of your car has captured it to some extent but not completely, but the rear end is smoother. ckeck the attachment
  2. If i were you i would just take the advice & move on. You will probably create hundreds of cars in future, its better to create more & more, learn with experience than sticking to one & keep tweaking it, coz believe me you make changes today you will like it, but tomorrow morning you wont. There are endless possibilities of making your work better, this is same for the professionals as well. Offcorse when you will be professional you will have to tweak your work to make it better as the level of work you will have then is way better.

Goodluck with your further work.


For me, I would advice to return to your none smooth version. Because all your highres transform it in a clay car look.

There’s some wierd highlights on the body, mainly because you surely didn’t fixe you topology before subdividing the thing. Your rear windows slats make waves, should be straight.


Nice job for your first car!

I think your model looks a bit to narrow. If this was a racing car, the suspension would be lowered, and the front would have a splitter. The tube steel frame American LeMans style cars are only built in the general shape of the production models, so you have some leeway there.

Your edge loops look a bit wobbly and dense over the wheel arches.

Try googling “Falken Mustang” for some reference.



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