Must use Merge to open any project file



It happens consistently that eventually when trying to open an existing project file, even with a brand new installation of the app, I get the error message: “Softimage cannot open this file”.

I must therefore use Merge to open any project file.

After many uninstalls and re-installs this problem persists.

I’ve several times deleted the Preferences folder, deleted the Softimage folder in Program Files, and deleted the Softimage entry in the Registry and then re-installed the program.

This works for a while but the problem inevitably returns.

I’ve posted before about this and Ohmanoggin replied that as a long time user he’d never encountered this problem but for me the issue makes work consistently more difficult than it should be.

Computer: Alienware Aurora
OS: Windows 7
Processors: Intel i7
Display: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series

Please help if you can.



I never seen anything like that. First thought says it must be some plugin you have installed.



Can you please be more explicit about your idea of a disruptive plugin?

I’ve not installed any plugin into SI so if it’s a plugin in another app how could I possibly determine which one?

Thanks for your help,


Are you using a registry cleaner? If yes, run “runonce.bat” (Softimage20XX>Application>Bin)!


If you didn’t installed any plugin/addon scrip in your Softimage then it is the intallation that got currupted or lost files like eman says.
I would try to install a demo into another computer just to check.