MUST READ: Looking for Opinions (all are welcome)


well guys, I am recommending this thread for removal simply because of the attitude being flung around flippantly.

if you did not want to hear answers from working professionals, then why ask the question in the first place?

also, threads with titles such as this one are misleading when the content is mindless macho banter from one or two individuals.

bon chance.


im a student myself and i can honestly say that spacemonky is a real “space monkey” and that other guy Guruabyss is a twit waiting to get slapped by reality. i agree with the other “professionals”. i currently have two private tutors who both work in the industry and they got their jobs sending out reels on vhs. GET THIS… IT IS THE PROFESSIONAL WAY TO APPROACH IT!
its not about, them hating like how that black wanna be spacecase monkey blants, its about what the company requires. if you think that its bull then too bad! thats how life is. u an’t steven stalberg or a pixar animator! stop “HATING” on the professionals who are giving honest answers. such fools. seriously where do you morons get off with this attitude. as a dedicated student to cg and fine art, it disappoints me to read about small frie artists with big mouths.


Not a student or a professional: Get both = full coverage. sooo… GET BOTH!


Wow, this is amusing, a student telling professionals how their companies should be run!

Guruabyss, you two have a lot to learn about this industry. Why did you even start this thread when you’ve already made up your mind? Stop wasting peoples time.

Incidently, I’m a professional, and I don’t like web based reels because more often than not you have to navigate a site, and that takes up more time than necessary. A tape or DVD is fine (preferably tape, and for more reasons than you are probably aware of. But I’ll leave you to discover those reasons in the future).

I’m closing this thread since it’s turned into nothing but a ridiculous platform for slinging insults at people who don’t deserve to be insulted.