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School will be back in session in January and I will be taking my Post class. A lot of professors are still telling their student to put their demo reels on tape (which I find to be very out dated)

Since I came to this school I’ve been friends with upper classmen that now have jobs in the game industry as well as one of them in the movie industry and they all tell me that the web (this was a no brainier) is the best way to show case you’re demo reel (since it can be view at any computer vs. a DVD or Tape if you forget it, its forgotten)

So knowing this and premeditating my professor’s moves already :rolleyes: how many professionals out there prefer a URL vs. a Tape or DVD. Also how many students prefer this method of showing off their work?

Note: before you post please put Professional: (then you’re message.) or Student: (then you’re message.) so I can see the two different views. And if any Admins read this post do you think we might be able to turn this into a poll?


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Well, lets see… In the end I want to see a tape/DVD. I have yet to find any web site hosting someone’s demo reel that didn’t take 20 minutes to download over T1. But a tape provides instant feedback. I might get mad at your lame web site’s speed, and never go back. This has happened before, and will happen again. Do both if it’s such a no brainer, as you claim.

If you can’t be bothered to send me a tape, then maybe I don’t want to hire someone with that attitude anyways. Remember, you are one fish in a very large and unimpressive ocean. To be found/stand out from the thousands of other people you have to show an effort to wanting to be hired.

Don’t make the compaines work to find your reel, and don’t do things that waste thier time. It’s painful going through reels, and most of the time they get ejected after the first few minutes if they look bad. So to expect someone who has to go through dozens/hundreds of reels to wait a long time downloading a quicktime is very impractical.

oh yeah…ummm professional…


Web based portfolios are good to attract attention to your work, however in the application process almost all studios whether they be game or film and video production are going to expect to see a VHS tape or hard copy portfolio. You have to remember a lot of these studios don’t have web access other than email, save a couple of designated machines for security and productivity reasons. I’ve worked in two large studios where my workstation had no CD drive and no web acess other than email, but every company I’ve ever worked at had VCRs all over the building. We’re in a transitional period right now, perhaps in a year or two DVD will be the prefered delivery method, but for now it’s still VHS. You can’t go web only because of the access and HR issues. You want to put something into the employer’s hand that they can view at their leisure and put into a pile of yes/maybe/no candidates.

If you just look at the websites for companies you’d like to work for you’ll see that 9 times out of 10 they expect a VHS reel and many explicitly state no web, DVD or CD portfolios will be accepted. You can send these things along with your VHS reel, but you must have a VHS reel.


Wow, I had no idea this industry (gaming and movies) was so slowed down by bureaucracy (the same thing that’s killing white collar corporate America) First off demos are 2 min and under and if you compress this into Divx the outcome of the file size is nothing when it comes to download speed (of course if you trapped in “bureaucracy” installing the divx codec will take about three years.) It’s a shame more companies aren’t upgrading to old tech like DVD’s and new codec’s. Well evolve or die right?



in my opinion this industry is populated by 3 kinds of people. those who lead and create great work, those who work hard and contribute, and those who are on their way down and looking for people to drag down to keep themselves afloat. To often technicalities in the recruiting process keep people who deserve jobs from getting them. In my opinion sumbitting a reel on VHS is still a good idea but regardless its going to be talent and persistance is going to land you a job. That third kind of person I spoke of will always try to keep you out, so you have beat them over the head with work and talent…on DVD…on VHS…in a frickin singing telegram for all i care…just show you have the right stuff and you will make it. And for everyone out there that thinks not submitting on VHS shows some kind of lack of respect or something…you might just fall into that third catagory. Stop the hating people…

“don’t hate the playa…hate the game.”
-Ice Cube-


Lets clear up a few things first.

First off, its not some giant corperation bureaucary that you are fighting. In order to review demo reels, a senior artist or producer needs to take time away from doing the million other things going on that day to look at reels. They usually lock themselves into a room until they look at all of the tapes. If you only send a letter with a link to a web site, there is a chance you will be ingored. This isn’t out of hate like Spacemunky seems to think, but beacuse they think you have a lack of repect of the aritst’s/producer’s time. If your tape is good, then they will follow up and look at your web page…no matter how slow it is. But you have to grab thier attention first, and a letter by itself won’t cut. Resume letters are almost always BS, overfluffed crap. I’ve seen so many times where the person lied like crazy, that we don’t even read them anymore until AFTER we like their reel…not before.

Second, no one wants to hire some ego freak who thinks he/she is so good that they don’t need to be bothered to send a reel. I’ve seen that way too many times as well. This person will have an attitude problem and will not be a team player. I’ve canned a few of those in my time. But then again, according to Spacemunky, maybe I’m on the way out and I’m just trying to drag all of you down with me…

Who knows…maybe I’m full of BS too…

anyone want to buy a used Ferrari?:slight_smile:


Another note… Please ALWAYS include a breakdown of EXACTLY what you did…and round it down if possible.

(This is where a nice printed resume comes in handy, or an in-depth web site)

For example: Don’t show some amazing and super complicated shot that makes us drool, only to find out in the interview that you make just the lug-nuts on some background car that isn’t even bigger than 3 pixels… That is very bad.

Just have a simple table top anim of that 8 poly lug-nut. It might not impress me, but it sure as hell won’t make the meeting embarssing!

Under state and then impress, don’t over state and dissapoint.


how much does a used Ferrari from the junk yard cost theses days? :applause: thank you, thank you… good night


Edit It’s late, and this is getting off topic. I’ll edit this for the benifit of the thread…

And there is no need for someone asking for help being pissy about the answers your getting. You are swinging alot attitude for being a student not even in the game yet. Relax…


guessing you would be one of the zeros


wow…all you have to do is send an e-mail with your resume and some sample images to foster some interest enough to check out a website or soon to be mailed DVD or VHS…this can save alot of time and money for struggling students on a limited budget. It seems to me that if you really believe that every student should spend the time and money mailing out VHS tapes just to bow down to the powers that be then maybe those powers should step back and remember what it was like for them starting out. Then multiply that by ten since the industry is much more saturated and competative now then it was 10 years ago…which is usually when most of the people at the level of art director now, started. I love the industry that I work in…and there are alot of well meaning talented people out there. But we need to stop this imature hazing of people coming out of school. Treating them as if they owe us something for having been in the industry longer. Talent is talent, and when you fail to see it and make judgement call about a persons level of respect based on pre-concieved notions of how a demo reel is supposed to arrive, you handicap yourself and your company. Move it or lose it folks…here comes the flood


Originally posted by spacemunky
And for everyone out there that thinks not submitting on VHS shows some kind of lack of respect or something…you might just fall into that third catagory. Stop the hating people…

It has nothing to do with people “hating”. If you send a company a DVD or a link to a site when they explicitly ask for VHS tapes and nothing else, it shows a flagrant disregard for direction. Keep in mind that when you have no contacts in the company you are applying to, your portfolio or reel is going to get filtered through an HR person most likely, who has little to no concept of talent, and if you can’t follow their simple instructions with your submission, your work may end up in the circular file rather than in the hands of someone who can actually look at it and call you in for an interview.

If you want to work, the very least you can do is supply your material in the format the company asks for rather than disregard their instructions because you think you know better.


holy cow…its the playa haters ball in here now. Look we are talking about sending out blind resumes…not a follow up or following instructions handed to you either by a company or from their submission policy guidlines. Unless you have mommy and daddy’s credit card to send this stuff out you are screwed. Cause guess what…most college students with half an once of talent are getting through school on scholarship and not a trust fund. Every company that sends away talent on a technicallity deserves what they get…which is to be replaced and shut down when the people they turn away overtake them working for someone a little bit more humble and open minded.


You seem to missing the point. Its not some dumb high school hazing thing… the most amazing talent buried away isn’t ever going to be found. There are hundreds of lame demo reels out there, and if you can’t get something into the hands of the HR, artist, or the producer at that company, they may never have the time to dig into the depths of the internet looking for gold. I’ve done web based demo reels and most are slow and sloppy. Thats not to say there aren’t some good ones out there…but like bad tapes, there are bad web pages. Quality is quality…

But in the end, if your materal can’t make it to my eyes…then you have failed…

…And Spacemunky. Maybe every company in the world should shut down because they just dont have the time to mine the entire internet following up every random resume sent to them. No one ever said this was easy… or cheap…but thats the game. And you either play or you don’t.

I’ll repectfully watch it myself if you respectfull send it to me… Its that simple. Don’t turn this into some “damm all of you” argument.


What 3ed world jank a** company do you work for. Because I want count down the days it has left. I agree with you 110% HR has little to no concept of talent and if this is how you’re company works (HAHHAHHA) you will fail. And if anyone else would like to add this is how their company works or 70% of all game companies out there work I wonder why 70% of most of the games come out are crap or are vapor ware.

Bottom line you are an artist’s period! While collar corporate gumba should stay with its paper shredding enron business practices. Oh BTW the RIAA failed to see the future and kept to their business model. The same will happen to the game industry when it hangs on to 1980’s tech. DVD players are a dime a dozen. How about this I will keep 8 cents and give you $0.02, go buy yourself a clue


I am afraid to tell you that you must work at the most egalitarian company in the business cause from experiences of my friends and first hand…the hiring process in this industry is like some kind of retarded phrat house drinking contest as far as fairness goes. I have seen people with 3 times the talent of the person hiring them be dismissed based on fear…and its sickening. I truley hope everyone who responds to this with a differing opinion than mine is an honest art director who is hiring…cause this business needs some more of them. And please put some time into your recruiting process…you know aside from your moments when maya dies and you have second. There are people’s entire lives siting in little boxes on someone’s desk in your office. Give them the time they deserve and even some they don’t just because its the right thing to do.


Guruabyss, an attitude like yours isn’t going to get you many jobs. Much as i may not get on with Jackdeth, he is right here, and your attitude of agressive antagonism because his response wasn’t the one you wanted to hear wont endear you to many.

Other people will pay you to produce work if you’re good. If you’re exceptionally good they may even pay you to produce art. Bottom line is, they’re the ones paying, and deciding what they want/don’t want. So you want a job, drop the primadona attitude too.

Getting a job is hard work. Either you quit whining about what has to be done and just do it, or there are openings down at your nearest burger king. That’s the industry, take it or leave it.


Well guys, all I can say is best of luck to you. You asked for advice from working professionals and when they told you what you didn’t want to hear you got offended and started insulting them for answering your question. All I’m saying is that most companies still prefer VHS, however you can find any company’s guidelines right on their own site, and for the best chance at getting your foot in the door, regardless of how stellar and talented you think you are, you should follow the company’s guidelines.

Like it or not, that is the way many companies work. Even if you submit great work in the proper format there’s quite a high probability you can be lost in the shuffle at some of these companies. Not following their submission guidelines I think is just shooting yourself in the foot. If you’d rather do it your own way, that’s your prerogative. However, I suggest that you check that attitude at the door before you walk into any interviews.


I’m laughing and shaking my head… Even if you demo reel was amazing… that shit attitude will get you fired in less than a week…that is if you even get pass the interview.

What is your malfunction? Its obvious that you have no clue at all how these effects companies run. Maybe you should just stay in school until you grow up some.

This is so off topic this thread should be closed. Or maybe, it should be used to show other serious students what not to do when trying to get a job…