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Hey All,

I am waiting delivery of my new Dual 2.5 PowerMac and plan to use it for motion graphics and character work in cinema! While I sit through another round of delays from Apple I am browsing the C4D plug-ins scene and am looking to splash a litle cash on the “cool” stuff!

I already have the XL Bundle with Sketch, Shave, Stormtracer and Mesh Surgery. I am looking at the demo of DiTools at the moment, and would like to take Loco and Jenna for a spin but have heard they are a bit tricky to use (lots of maths and stuff).

Basically, what plug-ins are essential (or at least very cool) for motion grahics work (titling, channel idents, etc)?



You could probable find some use for DPIT (instant tree), or Xfrog.

Also, go get Place on Points 2. Free, and lets you do neat animated elements that would be too difficult by hand. I can definitely see many uses in ident motion graphics.

Sorry, no links. I’m lazy.


what about bodypaint2?

(ditools kicks but not everyone might use it that much…jenna is brilliant but again the same applies to this as ditools…xfrog is slightly more focused like dpit in its usage…i don’t have stormtracer but it looks very nice. i have dpack and thats also pretty cool…it really depends what you want to do and where you interests lie really).

there are also some shader packs around like some of arnts and remotions which are pretty cool. samirs CTS freebie is cool…and his add poly tool is very useful…as is astrofish’s spin poly.


For titling and channel Idents, I’d say distance Fall off for nicer reflections, Storm Tracer for much faster particle effects, Translucent pro for beter Transparency and SSS effects

For modules I’d suggest TP for better particle effects, Advanced Render for better rendering and things like highlights and better glows, and Sketch and Toon for cool lines effects and such

DPIT could be really handy as well, and most of Darf’s plugins though they tand to be a bit pricy.


Oh, does it work with 8.5?. I haven´t used it for a while and also thought it was incompatible and hence avoid it.



I can’t recommend Bodypaint2 highly enough-takes a while to get your head round it,
and flattening out your maps is either highly tedious/fun way to kill time,
but once it’s all set up it’s a total dream


Plugs for motion graphics? BP is great, but you’d be the second person on earth using it in mograph work. The tesselation and object multiplier plugs are much more indispensable, and by that I mean Jenna, DiTools, XFrog. You might as well get Fizz while it’s free and still working with C4D. Sniper for me is an absolute necessity since motion graphics means working with sprite-planes. Really learning Loco, and therefore TP, would put you so far ahead of the game that in many US cities at least you’d be one hot tamale. But things you can do without, at the top of the list would be Advanced Render, Mocca, and right after that BP–at least until everyone starts going down the Psyop path ( and building and animating characters.


…where can I download Fizz?

Also, does anyone have a link to Samirs plug ins.




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