must be going crazy...


i read on some post in here a few weeks ago that in 4.2 you could get the side bars(or menus…whatever) to hide and only show up when your mouse goes over to them…seemed interesting at the time, but i forgot to look into it anymore and only just remembered about it today. but when i went looking i couldnt find anything on the subject.
so either the person who said that it could be done was wrong or i miss understood what they were on about (most likely).
anyway just wanted to check in case i was missing out on some awesome new feature :wink:


There’s a layout called “Auto Hide - Standard w. Full Screen VM” . It should be accessible from normal layout menu (Application -> layouts ->). I believe that’s what you are looking for.


Lorque, you’ve made my year
dont know why but i had never even bothered to look in the layouts section…EVER!? yeah dont know why…but those dual screen layouts…i think i’m going to cry, lol
yay i’m so happy dances


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