Musician's Portrait, Akin Bilgic (3D)


Title: Musician’s Portrait
Name: Akin Bilgic
Country: USA
Software: Maya, ZBrush, VRay, MARI
Submitted: 29th July 2013

I created this project during some downtime to experiment with photo-realism and to modernize my personal workflow. The subject is very loosely based on the cuban jazz musician Compay Segundo of Buena Vista Social Club fame.

Modeling was done with ZBrush and Maya, Texturing with Mari, and Lighting/Shading/Rendering with V-Ray in Maya.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of sharing some of my source files with the CG Community that has given so much over the years. So very I’m pleased to be releasing the raw ZBrush .ZTL file of this project free to all for educational purposes!

You can download the model from the ‘Files’ section at my website:

As always, any questions and critique are welcome! I’ve also been keeping an eye out for interesting new career opportunities, so feel free to get in touch.
I hope you enjoy my work - thanks for taking a look!



(B&W Old Photo color grade by Marta Dymek)

And here’s the link to download the ZBrush ZTL file for free from the ‘Files’ section on my site:


Wonderful work! Hyper realistic! :bowdown:


OMG, this is so beyond photo-realistic. amazing detail, right down to the wetness of the tear ducts in the eye, the stubble, even the clothing is very well done.


Some of the best portrait work I’ve ever seen!


This is amazing. Looks very real! Did you use displacement or is this decimated model?


This is great work he really has a feel of form to his face.


great work i like it
good luck :thumbsup:


Just sunning! How many hours did you need for that great jazz-man?


Wow, great feeling seeing this on the top row! Thanks for the comments everyone!

Prabhakaraan - Thanks very much! Glad you like it.
unclebob - Thanks!
jdrouse - Thanks mang!
InTerceptoV - Thanks Toni! Some the knowledge you’ve shared about V-Ray is in him as well! This is pure displacement, no decimation. I wrote a displacement workflow article detailing my process for it on my site.
malcolmvexxed - I appreciate it!
Mr-Evil-studio - Thank you!
RAF - Thanks! It’s hard to say exactly how long it took, since it was a project I’d work on during my downtime between paid work. I was also learning and experimenting with V-Ray and Mari while making him, so a lot of time was spent getting to know the software as well.

Thanks again everyone! More to come soon!



This is stunning piece. Thanks for sharing your Zbrush model I will do some practice test of VraySSS2 on it. Displacement is quite clean too…:smiley:


Cool! Very realistic! I like cloth and hat!
Skin IMHO look less realistic but overall picture is like a photo!


Hey Akin,
Looking sweet man, great job!


fantastic work. Amazing attention to detail, great sculpt and great lighting.

Can you please share your sss skin shader settings…


:buttrock: Congrats Akin. Cok Guzel :wink:


i like hair.
Congrats Akın.


Well done Akin, excellent artistic and technical execution.


awesome work… congrats

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Seein it all over. Congrats man, well deserved. The time spent paid off indeed.


Awesome job Akin. He’s got style.