Music Video - The Bleeding Alarm


Hello my name is Colin Minihan, im a director / editor from Vancouver, this is my first post (bet you get that a lot)… Anyways, as some background - my website is and my reel can be viewed in both .mov and .wmv form.
I’m currently working at strengthening my reel by doing a free video for a band that has been gaining a lot of attention throughout the industry; the bleeding alarm (.com) . We are hopeing for airplay via much music and fuse. Previous videos i have done include videos for Flipsyde (Interscope/Universal Records), Drist (Spunout Records), Dragwater, and Cherrybomb (maplemusic)

I have an idea (not a full treatment yet because i’m not sure if its possible) that requres a lot of rain/cgi water. The idea: A girl so sad her tears come from the skys and flood the city.

I’m looking to be able to pull the illusion of the aftermath of a horrible flood via 5 wider shots throughout the city. And various shots of large ammounts of rain/water buidling up around buildings during the flood. anyone that is good with WATER EFFECTS/ RAIN would be a vital asset to this project… as the water effect needs to 80% be done in post. It would consist of very little live action water other than rain hitting some subjects etc.

If anyone is interested or thinks they may be of any assistance (even some advice) PLEASE PLEASE respond. I would love to be able to assemble a group of individules as dedicated as myself.

images the inspired the idea and made me think it might actually be possible: Please look to get an idea of where my head is at right now so you may be able to assist.



Anyone that is good with rain/water effects will be a vital asset please email me or respond to this post.


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