Music video post production (compositing) general workflow, please help!


I need your advices from your expirience about doing music video in compositing software like Nuke or similar. This will be my first music video project and I already practiced a lot on some greenscreen footages, pulled off the key, understand in general basic/intermediate compositing work, but reality much more differ then just theory because I have a chance to get the job get done and it will be very nice expirience for me.

So, What is the right approach to this kind of project?
When editing is done, do I need to work on just one final clip (for example I load whole video, edited, as only one final video of full lenght with my read node) or I need to work separately clip by clip (for example, pull off the key on every video again and again) and after that to get it back to video editor to put it as whole?

What is the correct order on similar project?

Video was shooted on hi-end professional environment and only in one studio, so greenscreen is lighted perfectly, now it is part of post production and I really want to get this job good even I am beginner.

Thank you very much!