Music too


Can i still apply for the music…

If you wish to hear some examples here the link

All in minor but i got other stuff more light too…


hmm your bandwidth limit has been exceeded. I am not sure if anyone has the music for certin yet read the big thread to find out.

I dont think that anyone does.

but I am always wrong so do the reasearch that or you can look in the credits and see if anyone is on it yet.


It’s on now… i think it’s because of more and more people go see it. If it don’t work wait one hour or two…I should get my official website up soon…So any comments???


hmm its a nice dissocance like effect. if thats what you fancy is,

I don’t think I have ever heard something like that before.

thats my ony comments.


Like the samples alot.

‘Aurali’ makes me think of “Dead Can Dance”.



Good, but you’d have to go 180 degrees from these two samples to get what we want for this short. I’d love to hear someone do something less ‘new age’ melodic and more like ‘alien’ rock-n-roll.


I can do something like you want but unfortunaly i don’t have any alien rock’n’roll in my portfolio but i know that i can do that kind of stuff. This is just two sample of what i can do but i do other style as well. I will give a pitch in about one and a half month for that.
If it’s ok with you!!!


Use Creed and Nirvana music! YEAH! WOOOH!


& you have 2 years of time to etude the music! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


So you think it will take 2 years to do the short ?


:slight_smile: maybe more …


probably more :wink:


By the way i have upload more samples on my website…No alien rocknroll yet but i’m workin’ on it…


elfling bard - Got your e-mail, downloaded all of your new samples (I think I killed your bandwidth limit :smiley: ) and listened to them all.

I really haven’t been thinking much about the music lately because it’s one of those things that will have to be added when we have a few scenes roughed out in animation tests. Hard to picture what will fit where until we get to that point.

However, what I feel the short will need (based upon my preconcieved notions of how it will turn out :argh: ), is something melodic with a rebellious rock-n-roll attitude.

If you could imagine Tori Amos doing a compilation with Metallica you’d probably be pretty darn close to what I want for the short. I know … “OMFG! That’s insane!” … but hey, you got plenty of time to work on it.


So will that mean that i’m in…officially…? Anybody?:airguitar


Hey, there’s no tests to pass here. If you do the work, you’re a part of the project. It’s that simple. Now, get to it :wip: :smiley:


I’ll do something from your storyboard that you did with the start of the short and we will build on that…Sorry i just want so much to do this…


Hi Kirt , Hi everyone.

So i have think about it and i think to go with a mix of metal and tori amos is a bit too serious for this kind of project. But i got a idea that the feeling of this short is much more a kind of mix between Sci-fi flicks of the 60’s and the new kind of stuff that we got today.

So what i propose is that i use orchestra sampling mix with old Sci-fi sounds mix with Rock and roll and electronica…The mix will be more light than heavy. More punky than metal. Pretty weird i know but that kind of palette will give much more taste to the short. And a more funnier way to put music to situation.

You’ve got a great musical idea but i don’t think it all fit with this short. Because i see that the short will be more humorous than angry rebelious, i think light rebelious is more the way to go.

So any comments would be appreciated.:wink:


I think that sounds pretty good too. About 80% of the opening sequence is storyboarded. See what you can put together for that … I look forward to hearing the first samples. :smiley:


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