Music Room, Amilton Diesel (3D)


Good eye for style and function. Looking forward to more of your works!


Can I live in…:thumbsup:


in my opinion the part that makes it great is not just the room, but i love the scene thats outside through the window. Nice detail, nice everything. Great job.


Nice work.


It’s look so real! Great Work!
q: Is the model based on a real room, or it’s a totally imaginery place?


Great job!!!:thumbsup:
Ficou muito bom!!!


wow, thats amazing, especially with the scanline renderer. Can we please have some wires, or mabey some details on the lighting set-up.

Great work


And a music room it is! That’s worth a 5star :slight_smile:


But i luv ur work… u dont wanna share ur secrets? ;>


my only comment is: GOD DAMN! :bowdown:


:scream: Diesel I think this is defenitely one of the best I’ve seen around! Hope You Could share some tips on how to render a scence as perfect as this. :thumbsup:


Impressive render! You could put a large screen plasmaTV just beneath the artwork…lol Love that artwork BTW.










nice room.


Just noticed your back drop is Melbourne :applause:

Makes the image even better :slight_smile:



Great job of lighting, knowing that you did it with the scanline makes it even more impressing. Infact some details about your lighting setup would be great, theres nothing better than learning from masters. :slight_smile:

Anyway, stunning interior. Keep us posted with more stuff.


Oooooo Looks Good And I Like The Fact That You Didn’t Complicate The Scene With Clouds In The Sky…click Of Genius My Friend.

5 Stars


Wow. I myself was experimenting with 3DStudio Max 6.0 a while back and although I tried, I never created anything as convincing as this! (I am more of a cartoonist.) You, my man, are an inspiration. Your post has motivated me to get back into 3D.

The view of the pool through the side window/glass door is a nice touch and I like how you actually made the tiles wavy because of the reflection on the water. That red picture/hanging on the wall above the stereo is awesome. It looks like modern art and I love it. If it were an actual painting, I would buy it. The little red ball in the center of the table near the two books/two DVD cases is also a nice touch. Subtle but interesting. I also like the textures you applied to the mini-couches. It actually makes them look real. That’s the beauty of this whole thing, it looks like I could just step into it. That “penchant” light on the left is so modern-looking. Those two lazy boys and staircase are a nice element and, overall, I LOVE this room.

The two things I don’t really like are the renders of the vegetation and cityscape on the left. They are good, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t think that they mix with the overall style of this render. They are a little too blurry and indistinct. Moreso the vegetation than the cityscape. Making the leaves a little more distinct and sharper would help.

I would definately love owning a place like this.


Color combination is very cool.


it,'s amazing work