Music Room, Amilton Diesel (3D)


so nice the picture is, wow!


I find it great man (as always!) Good job!


Gday mate,

This is easily the BEST room picture I have EVER seen. What a lot of people do is create this intense brightness outside any windows or doors, locking off the outside world and turning it into a giant white cloud. Although it looks cool in certain aspects, the way you have actually shown the exterior really brings the image to life. It’s not quite photorealistic yet - the only thing which made me say this was the skyscraper in the distant background… it just looks a little flat with little shadow. Other than that;

Seriously top notch :buttrock: 10/10 I.M.O


Cara, demais!
Parabéns!!! Muito bom mesmo!!
De onde vc é?



Great job, just a little comment.
The light in the back wall, looks like halogen lamps, if that so, the cone of that light dosn’t represents the photometrics of halogen lamps.
Are you using IES files??? or just some sopot light from max???


beautiful work. really fantastic texturing lighting and rendering. well done.

the photo in the background is Melbourne! that’s my town!




Amazing picture, great modelling, texturing and the lightning is perfect.

The blurred plant near the camera is cool this blurred, but when I think some more, then the focus is in the room and everything as far away as the city should also be blurred.


Very good:thumbsup: Very clean:applause: refreshing…:slight_smile:


wow… i really like the mood and the lighting. it looks so real!~

cant really tell its a 3d or live when i saw it. :slight_smile:


Amilton, sinto orgulho ao ver brasileiros fazeno trabalhos tão lindos, inovadores, criativos e com tanta qualidade! Simplesmente AMEI! Genial! Abraços!:applause:


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[/ul] Ahem…
Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Nice. More than nice.
I mean… GREAT!
Really Realistic.

In Tuvok’s voice:

  • However …
    Please post some wireframes, light setups and stuff…

All best!



Great Textures, the outside meshes really well with the image.


Very nice!!

I thought it is rendered by lightscape before looking at your commentary.

Have you sharpen after your render?



This is one of the best interiors in CGtalks!
I like the smooth lights, especially on/in the water!
5*s! :slight_smile:


Giler best…very superb werk…!!


I think what this room needs is a Aero Sarinin chair, otherwise with Max 5 pretty good.


Great render but it lacks the detail that make it truly appear realistic. You should have gone the extra mile and put some wires from lamps, speakers…etc…add some wall outlets and minor stuff like that…adds alot to a realistic image as such…are there render times and a wireframe for this? Posttttt em’…

good stuff


Very nice light setup and rendering. Very photorealistic. Congratulations…


nice job very realistic but I do not think that spot lit in full day would make such a significant mark on the wall. In any event they should not be even lit :stuck_out_tongue:



I want my room to have the same style as this.

I really think this kicks ass, well done, great work.

Very realistic aswell, it could pass as a photo! :smiley: