Music Room, Amilton Diesel (3D)


Title: Music Room
Name: Amilton Diesel
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hello, this is room made to ilustrate a high standatd place to listen music and rest. I used Max 5 scanline render, using radiosity advanced lighting, and photoshop to make the color corrections and apply the vegetation. Any comment welcome.


top class work, great job. :thumbsup:


soo good job :thumbsup: i wanna live there :slight_smile: but i cant live in a home without tv :slight_smile:


Nice work…infact its amazing!!!

Post the radiocity setting!!


That’s a very photorealistic render, nice lighting and interior design.:wink:


Absolutely beautiful work… but in all honesty, that’d be a horrible place to listen to music - waaayyyy to much echo. You’re gonna need a lot more carpet than that. lol :scream:


Very, very nice considering it was rendered with default scanline engine!:eek: Maybe a short tutorial on rendering would come handy? :wink:



this is one one the best interior renders i’ve ever seen.

Great materials and lightning


photorealistic in deed!!and just with the scanline? come up with more on that direction man!!! I’ve got to know your light setup although I am a maya user!


Seriously, you actually think we believe that is a render? Obviously that is photo, your not fooling anyone. Nice try tho…

LOL I’m joking! That is an incredibly real render tho. I love the marble effects around the edge, and the speakers look great, and lighting is very very good. TEACH ME!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up…wanna see more!


WOW. I love the fact that the outside looks as BRILLIANT as the inside. I think thats something that usually lets interior images down. But dude…wow…wow dude!


i like that painting on the wall. The lightspots on the wall could use some more defenition but everything else looks great.

Good work


I think this has very nice lighting and the colors and design are great! You are a very great lighter, I saw some of your other stuff too and they are wonderful renders!


I must admit that this is amazing, and photoreal! :eek:


I agree with the rest. I don’t know if I would want to live there though. It seems you would need a wife who would say nothing about your shoes, once they’re off your feet. And I need my wife more that my interior.


exellent render for the scanline!!what`s your light setup and render times?


Thank you so much for the comments. i’m very glad about it


Hi amilton,
your result with radiosity is amazing.:thumbsup:

excelent job.


Cor blimey!

Very nice, wonderfully lit. My only comment would be regarding the ivy outside…but that would be splitting hairs.



amazing render, do you mind posting the rendertime and an explantion of how you used the radiosity