Music is dangerous, Géry Lebecq (3D)


Title: Music is dangerous
Name: Géry Lebecq
Country: France
Software: Modo

Done with modo, for fun and practice. The pin-up on the truck’s curtain is from Ben Tan, the skate design from Natas Kaupas, and the logo has nothing to do with a famous brand.
Hope it makes you smile.


I really like this one, the expression on the drivers face and the tilt of the truck and tire makes this look like a real winner !


Looks great. Nice expressions on the characters and I love the style, nice and simple. Good work:thumbsup:


Expressions r fantastic… Good lighting and nice render…

I just noticed the headphone poster on truck :slight_smile:

Two ways meaning, so nice :slight_smile:


splendid work … i love it


Ha ha great job, I love it.


nice render :slight_smile:


Usually I’m never in the mood for commenting unless it’s something great but now I just had to.

I really like the cartoony feeling in this work and the pressure of the tires of the truck are awsome… and cool character (the skateboard dude)

Great work :slight_smile:


You really nailed the truck trying to avoid something/someone on its path!
Driver’s expression is priceless, great job! :thumbsup:


Yep, the driver and the heavy heave of the slant of the truck really make this move…awesome job.


A really well thought out piece. Beautifully done. Took me a moment to see the naked redhead, nice touch.


woow! everything looks great! the expressions and the dynamic moment feels perfect… excellent job :slight_smile:


Ha Ha Ha :thumbsup:
well done .I really like it


You should do one with someone talking on his/her cellphone when crossing too. I think its more dangerous.

The composition is as good as it gets. I especially like the subtle use of the SONY “Just enjoy” ad on the truck. It give that irony twist to the scene. The expression on the truck driver face is epic.

I could comment on the modeling, shaders & lighting which I feel can be improve, but I will take nothing from such a good composition.

Many of 3D artist (me include) are guilty of putting all the emphasis on the technical aspec of 3D art but little time on creating a compelling piece of work like you did.

For that, you shall get my vote. :thumbsup:


good started

heheheeh very funny modeling & very nice idea , i like it very much the color

good luck 4 ever :beer:


This really made me laugh! Very funny, the expression on the drivers face is just great.


I love the fact that the driver has an ad for the headphones the skateboarder is wearing on the side of his truck. Keep up the good work.


WOw great work!
Keep the french touch up!! :smiley:


Wow, thank you all for your kind comments.
Here is a close-up of the driver, i must say i like him too, hehe :


This is why I migrated to this site; to marvel at the quality on display here. And this scene has it all, big time; technical mastery, great character creation, and well-considered humorous composition.