Music Institute, Maurício Santos (3D)


you are a talent architect


great image

i look stairs handle.may be a problem.i dont know.


from one architect to another ~ beautiful image:beer:

you should post more of your work!


Very nice piece of work!! Congratulations mate!!


it’s one of best interiors that i saw


As it has already been said, beautiful interior daylight scene. Nice textures as well. Cool space.


I think the people are a bit small, or else children. one of the two.


I saw the animation on your site, how much time did u spend to make it? Anyway, impressive!!


Great stuff. Very inspiring.



It is lit very convincingly :applause:


VEry cool!!
nicely done


Nice Work!!. I love the Lighting, Top stuff. 5/5


This is a great render, love the play of shadow on the top of the central structure and how you have indicated movement by blurring the inhabitants :slight_smile:


The animation was originally in 720X480 and it took about 10 days at the office’s computers (8 cpus), mostly during night hours.

Thanks again everybody for the nice comments! :slight_smile:


the shading was perfect! but IMHO the stairs structure is immposible to built…

i love the lens effect… Great Job hehe :thumbsup:


nice render! i love it!


lol. I had been telling myself ‘wow this looks almost real!’ until I later learned that it was a picture taken from an actual place. Stupid me :stuck_out_tongue:


One of the most beautiful architectural rendering I have ever seen… :thumbsup:


good lighting---------


So So Sexy