Music gives me the bubbles, Zlatina Zareva (2D)


Title: Music gives me the bubbles
Name: Zlatina Zareva
Country: Bulgaria
Software: Photoshop

Another portrait from me =) I couldn’t continue with my other projects so i decided to do something for fun.
I used only Photoshop and photo as a reference.
This is the first time I actually try to mix more colors in the skin, I was always afraid to do that. And it is also my first cloth painting and I hope it didn’t turn out too awful.

As for the title, I’m not sure if it’s right to say that, I wanted to change the phrase “gives me the chills”


Nice work, I love the loose style but so well defined.


Thanks =)) As for the style, I’m pretty much on a crossroad for that =))


This is great.
I have a thing for paintings of girls with headphones, and the whole bubble thing also carries extra meanings for me.
So fun all over!

If I might be so bold, however, I think you should try incorporating more hard edges, and softening the less relevant edges.


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