Music effects my drawing, i need some peacefull and calm music recomdendations


Music effects my drawing,i need some peacefull and calm music recomdendations.

No words just music.That relaxes.You just don’t think about anythin and you just draw.I am sure you guys know some.



i listen to internet radio on itunes while drawing


My drawing professor always played the flaming lips. It was very relaxing.


Well, there are words, but they are not at all obtrusive. I would suggest Enya. I listened to her music once trying to get to sleep in a hotel room with an ANNOYINGLY LOUD fan thing. Quite soothing.


Moby-Play Album (some of the songs are very ambient)
Henryk Górecki
Explosions in the sky
Stereolab _usually in french so the lyrics arent distracting :wink:
Massive Attack
Kid Loco
Nightmares on Wax
Cocteau Twins (nonsensical lyric, blends into the music)
DJ Shadow
Sigur Ros (nonsensical lyrics, blends into the music)
Su Paka Pooh
The Album Leaf
United Future Organization


I know you asked for some calm music… But how bout giving some breakcore/ IDM a try.

Fast/ melodic / electronica done right is all i can say… I listen to this kind of stuff while drawing pretty much 100% of the time. You can download full albums and all tracks free from (good calm one is an album called vidiot, few other artists avaliable all downloads free mp3 format)

other awsome artists you should check out

aphex twin
square pusher
venitian snares
amon tobin
chris clark

really odd but I truly agree that music influences your drawing.


Calm music does seem to help when drawing. I personally listen to New Age music from Sky.FM when sketching.

When modeling, though, I prefer more faster paced music. At the moment, I’m interested in anime so I’ve been listening to Kawii-Radio.

Music is a very powerful piece of multimedia: it molds our emotions effortlessly.


Listen to Helios, albums “Eingya” and “Unomia”. Other than that you could try Between Interval “Secret Observatory”, Electronic Forest, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Solar Fields, Aes Dana, Puff Dragon, Cell, Alpha Wave Movement, Fahrenheit Project, Ochre…or simply gon on and check out online radio…


Dispatch… my favorite album by them is Bang Bang, its good carefree music to listen to. Though it has words, the music and beats are very interesting and unique too.


I guess that music is not good when you draw, you loose concentration because of it… At least my drawing mentor think that way, and I alredy read about that in drawing and animation books

I agree with that. Try to work without music, I think that results can be better in this case

Well, anyway, all this is my humble opinion )


I was watching a gnomon dvd earlier today, vol 1 by Feng Zhui OR visual story telling vol 1 (I saw both so i’m bot sure which one it was in) but one them said that you pretty much always should work with music. It helps you relax more and even though you are concentrated when you are drawing you’re not too concentrated. He said that his brain gets a bit too tired without music and just being concentrated at drawing after about 30min-1h. And I have to agree with that, it’s just too quiet without any music.

Another good band is “Bliss” pretty hard to find anything they’ve done though.


Here is a link to the sounds of the universe, a gift from the 4th Dimension:

-Free your mind. Then expand it.


I’d really recommend Air if you’re looking for something calm. They are mostly instrumental I think but i’m only familiar with their album “Pocket Symphony”, which although is not completely without lyrics I find it soothing. Besides that pick your fav jazz or classical (miles davis, “Kind Of Blue” for me). Or try complete silence, might work better. who knows. Hope that helps.



I watched Hero [2002] recently, then decided to download the soundtrack, it’s really nice, instrumental and slow :slight_smile:


Care for Indian classical music? here you go:

for South Indian:

for North Indian:

try some… trust me, if you really dig music, you wont regret!


I’ve been trying to learn guitar and found some great instrumentalists chech these samples from youtube/G-video. I think they might be what you are looking for

Paulinho Nogeira

Dilermando Reis
Wes Montgomery

what do you guys think ?


I’ve always found that Yo Yo Ma works wonders to keep things calm but moving…


I also don’t agree that listening to music while working is a good idea. You can’t do both things at the same time.
Either you’re listening to the music, and therefore not fully concentrating on your work, or you’re fully concentrating on your work and the music becomes nothing but background burble.
I respect the music I listen to a lot more then to treat it as background noise.
As for music ‘helping’ while you draw, that’s all just your misperception. You’re really just filling your own prophecy there. Call it a placebo effect.


To oDDity, your word is not gospel.


Oddity also has no art or posters on his wall, because they would just be “background decoration”, and he wouldn’t fully appreciate them, and he clearly has more respect for art than that.