Musi, tiny forest girl A, Alexandra Ciolac (3D)


Title: Musi, tiny forest girl A
Name: Alexandra Ciolac
Country: Denmark
Software: combustion, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Musi is a young inexperienced forest creature. She just left her parents home for the first time to search for her own path in life. She has a lot to learn about the world.
This is the first image in the series of 3 images, attempting to tell the story of her first encounter with the world.
Musi is my final project created in TRUEMAX Academy during the last semester. Thanks a lot to my wonderful teachers:
Christopher Rabenhorst for concept art lessons, Steven Stahlberg for lessons in modeling, shading and texturing, and Mikkel Andreassen for showing me new ways to composit the still image.


Very cute! I like her expression and her chubby little hands. :slight_smile: If I may suggest something, it would be to add a little more bump/noise and color variation to the yellow thing (is it a flower or something else?) and maybe to make it a little bit darker. But it’s a very nice image anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing the other 2 pics. :slight_smile:


You’ve done a fantastic job in modeling a texturing Musi - I especially lkike her hands and eyes. I think the really flesh out her presence.

I really like how the following image works in stark contrast to this one.

Excellent Work.


…really beautyfull image and idea :slight_smile:

-cheerZ- :wavey:


Thanks a lot for comments everybody!
Sue3d, I had lots of trouble with this flower and many versions of it. Thanks for your suggestions!


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


awww this is cute, specially love her hat ^^
great works on the details, specially her hands are a top notch work. i already seen you doing an awesome job on them in your eon, and this character simply is sweetness :slight_smile:


Oh, thanks, Sacha!

She was ment to be an animated peace, and she has her story, and whole special world… but time that was given for our final student projects just wasn’t enough. And she ended in 3 images :). May be one day I will return to her…

And I would really like to pass your compliments to Steven Stahlberg that was teaching us at that time. His modeling, looking at things and using reference lessons where something I remember evey time I look at images, photos or people… somewhere on train stations or strets…, or start modeling something. It was amasing two weeks…



Hey Sasha (lol feels like talking to myself :p)
most welcome - i would hope so :slight_smile: she looks so cute and i really would love to see an animated short with her, she’s such a sweety :slight_smile:

did you see nemo? puts on best possible bruce the vegishark face bueeeehehemouweeeeee i never had a skillful teacher that could show me anything useful mueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
rofl, yeah since in the dump i live is no cg industry, how should there be any usable teahers :rolleyes: either way, learn from the best sure might be a priceless expirience. seeing the world with the eyes of an artist is most probably one of the biggest gifts you can get. seeing t with the eyes of the 3d artist one of the funniest. it starts with you’re seing everything in wireframes and when you start painting you catch yourself thinking "snap looks too blinish needs a fresnel fallofff and more specularity, arrrr more sss, boucelight. and the bump sux… errr hell ya painting kid whatcha thinking ^^
well i hope very much you will get back to her for a short, first of all you already have a good set, a good story can be told with the most simple (good example:cube) set and why not create an animation with what you have :slight_smile: keep me updated if you should deciede to do so


Super nice work Musi. I really like that hat, it is the shell from a horse chestnut tree conker?


Thank you very much, Jimmie!
Yes, it is the chestnut shell, and her backpack is a peanut shell (it’s better seen on other two images).


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