Hi everyone!

This is a guy I have been modeling with Maya´s Sculpt polygons tool. There´s no perfect anatomical accuracy, I just wanted to try modeling a fully muscled character.
All comments welcome, I hope you like it.


hello klesk33. I noticed you have a nice model going there. It’s obvious that you are aware of where most of the distinguished muscle bodies are. Your’s is going to be hard to critique because your model only needs to be fine tuned.

I have a few suggestions that may improve the look of the model. Pull the inside of the forearm outside the thumb area. From the shot you have, it looks like the inside (towards the torso) of the forearm joins with the outside at the thumb. The lower mass of the inside of the forearm should go on the palmar side of the arm.
I noticed you had some detail the ribs area. I’m not sure if that is those are the serratus anterior muscles or if those are the ribs being exposed. If they are the serratus muscles then bring them back a little more and especially the upper serratus finger/strand. The serratus should generally form a backwards ‘C’ shape. If you aren’t using bodybuilder reference you should look in some bodybuilder magazines for this muscle group. It is a difficult area to model. If those finger strands are the rib cage then you should bring them closer to the edge of the rib cage.
Let the abdominals bulge a little more. They seem a little flat at this point.
If you do not understand my suggestions then I may need to draw over your rendered picture. I would need your permission to do that.
I know I deal out harsh critiques, but I only wish the best for you and your work. You have a superb model going. Keep up the good work.


Looks good, I just wanted to ask a few questions. As I have used sculpt poly before but with less than desired results. I think it has to do with the arrangement of the muscle edges, and with my really poor table.

  1. Did you only use scult poly, and if so what did you start from

  2. Did you use a tablet? Probably, so what kind?

  3. How long did it take? What was your method, and reference?

Well, I just ask these questions because Mayas scult poly seems powerful, just for some reason not for me.


I did use the polygon sculpt tool and I started from a basic smoothed mesh. Now I have learned more and I have realized it was a too smoothed mesh, it has an excessive number of polygons.
It may look good but it weights a ton and if I wanted to do a setup and animate it , it would be hell.
No I didnt use a table, I did it with mouse (anyway I have studied anatomy a lot, this is the secret for muscles to look good)
I did a detailed muscles sketch first, a front and side view and worked it from there.


Well, you inspired me… so here’s one of my poor renders.


try this


That looks great man, great job!!
Anyway I have changed my modeling techniques. I think poly-loop is a better way to model muscles.
This is a character I have done using poly-loop. Lots less polygons and good results.


that looks cool mate. it reminds me of a guy that i train with at Martial Arts, he is really small and basically built like that :slight_smile:

Nice model :thumbsup:


Hey, thanks mine was poly loop, mostly quads for subd purposes. I simply don’t have the computing power to sculpt muscles, and like you said, it’s unnecessary and impractical as compared to edge loops.


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