Muscle System Problems


I am using Ext. 2 and it seems like I get to a certain point where everything starts getting buggy.

I only have 6 muscles on the rig and every time I get close to it on any angle that isn’t front or side, the mesh just disappears. It won’t even render. It’s not a camera clipping issue either.

ALSO it won’t live update as I’m trying to paint weights, so I’ll try to do it via vertices and it gets wonky with that too. I can’t deselect vertices I don’t want and it still won’t live update to show the muscle I’m working with.


Anyone else have this issue or know any fixes?



do you have Show “Locators” on ?


Yes, everything is on.


strange. I did a rig that had almost 30 muscles on it and it’s working properly. If you can describe the process you are using to add the muscles to the system, that would help to see where the problems come from. And also… did you had this problem before using muscles? I had that kind of problems before but all of these came from a buggy video drivers.


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