Muscle Man wip


Sorry for taking some space, wanted to post both versions, one unsmoothed and one smoothed.


… Yep. :slight_smile:


Very nice, but the waist seems to need work. Looks to small. The butt especially the butt looks akward.


yes, the butt looks really awkward, also I would suggest a little work on the upper thigh? it seems its just made out of one muscle :smiley: how about adding a cut on the left and right front side?


a little update. Yeah, his @$$ was too tight, how’s it now? I’m thinking I’ll add more wrinkles to his pants in textures.


The character is pretty cool! I really like the unsmoothed version as a real time model.

The hips are weird, that’t true. The butt to small. There’s a recession on the external side of the buttock (gluteus maximus). The abdomen has to much definition. Usually at the 3rd row of abdominal muscle, you can’t see clearly the vertical separation in the middle.
You should put a recession between the deltoid and the pectoral. Since he’s wearing pants, the knees are too defined. Just above the waist, there is a muscle (external oblique) that a bit wider.



And there’s to much definition between the triceps and the deltoid.

Hope that helps.



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