Muriel_2, Mauro Corveloni (3D)


Title: Muriel_2
Name: Mauro Corveloni
Country: Brazil
Software: Lightwave 3D, Photoshop, ZBrush


That is a second image that I did using this character that I created some time ago and I like so much. Her name is Muriel. I worked a diferent light setup and brought her to a lighter environment.
Hope you like!


Nice work, nice details, the skin aspect and eyes disturb me a little bit but the rest is really good.



Stellar work! Amazing job!


Great work. 5 stars from me. But, yeah, there is something about her skin that makes it look too much plastic like… But other than that, really fantastic render. Congrats.


Good work! Nice fur. 5 stars from me


excellent job. nice shaders and fur.


Nice work on the clothes there,sss is awesome! :arteest:


Totally amazing image. I love the wool. Very well done. Great modeling.


I agree with others… and what an interesting gaze she haves…t is hard to tell what expression is that!

About the skin: well i suggest you to play with levels in Photoshop, to get rid of that thin “gray film” covering highlighted areas.

Great work!


Haha, I’ve been working on something somewhat similar. Strange. Well, I guess they aren’t that similar aside from the fact that both will have beanies… but yeah, nice looking image. :slight_smile:


The small round indents on the skin are too large + ones running down the bottom of the cheek jaw line look too linear. Making the indents smaller and less pronounced should help the realism. It would also help to add some cross hatched texture to the skin to break up the light and make it feel more like skin.
Great work on the model.


WOW, lighting is simply amazing!
Great cloth texturing and fur; maybe you should work on skin shading.


great details by the face u a very good & very nice textures

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:


Awesome is the only word…


OOh man this is Awesomee, really really captivating,

her clear eyes and slight sorrow expression is really felt through the cold blue colors around… is this intended?

very nice piece, one of my favorites, 5*


great image, man :applause:


great grandmother
nice shaders and fur.


woow,very cool!!


ohh very good job super


Awesome piece , Man:eek:
Muito bom…gostei muito do render,da modelagem e dos detalhes que transmitem muito .
Tá de parabéns , Mauro:applause: