Multyple FBX animation


Hello guys, i have little dilema, i animate durning by CAT (aprox 10 animations) like the jump walk run etc, i have every animation on single scene and saved to CAT layers, i sent the cliend 10 fbx models with differents aniamtions, but he works inside the unity and he need all 10 animations merged to one, problem is if i import inside 3ds max run animation and after that import the another, it overwrite currend keyframes, this way is not possible import all animations, i also try saves the aniamtions as the XAF and load the animation on bare models, but also not working, i dont know if is posible for example reach this inside the layers in the CAT layer menu, or some advice for my client inside unity3D

I will glad for any advice, Thank u Tai


Whole point of layers is not to be limited on single one…
So if you load animation on different /new layer it will not overwrite existing anim on other layers…
Now, what to do with that…


Hello, thank u for advice, but im new in CAT layer menu, and if i understand well, u mean owerwrite layers by copy that layer, move aniamtion bottom mark to for example frame 50 and paste layer ?? or can u give me some point to point exaplain ?? or video tutorial link, thank u so much


But it’s not something you can learn just by watching few videos.
Best place for learning 3ds Max is written Max help files - when in max press F1.