multliple objects and skinning


i seem to always have problems when i try to skin clothes on top of a figure. i can’t get the clothes to bend in sync with the figure.

does anyone here have workable methods?

i see it all of the time, so its gotta be a do-able thing lol



Basically think of it as the joints being centers of rotation. Points in different initial locations will rotate differently in relation to the joint. So if your clothes have unique geometry it will not rotate along the same path. One solution is to increase the resolution or to adjust the placement of the points in the cloth mesh. Another is to do corrective morphs back in - Max right? Or Maya. I forget which one you use.


its Max… yeah. thanks for the advice. so far it’s kind of a difficult thing to pull off. hopefully over time i’ll get the nak


Another thing I forgot. In many cases you can simply remove the body from under the clothes where you don’t see it anyway. Also if you are not going to run simulation on clothing in general, design the clothing to be the body object. and you can do things like connect wrist and ankles to sleeves and pants. No underlying limbs or torso at all. Connect the inside of the collar to the neck and/or chest and animate the whole thing as one object.


making the clothes apart of the character is what i’ve been doing so far. your right it is not a bad way to do it.

but i’d really like to get more control over this part of the process. and in the end i think it looks a little more natural.

hey! thanks for the great insights.


cool, also I am not sure what max has in the way of corrective morphs and actually come to think of it I am not sure how you tie this in with MotionBuilder. But basically corrective morphs are blend shapes that get tied in automatically with a joint rotation. useful for bends at the knees and elbows etc. But you can use them for anything. Even could possibly to it post MoBu back in Max. Another thing to consider in the process.


so i’ve ended up with a good solution here.

In Max to get body and cloths to move together attach all of the geometries until it’s one shape. this keeps the materials all separate. and then when skinning the weights will match up very closely.

thanks for the help. Hopefully this helps anyone else with the same question.


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