I’m testdriving Modo and can not get multitile textures (from Mari) to work. What steps must I do?


Found this if anyone else are looking.

But it feels like their should me an UDMI way for this in Modo?


Not a lot of posts from Modo users at CGSociety. ask your question on the Foundry’s forum in the Modo section, you will have more chances of responses.


Just as a note, Modo 10 has a streamlined way of dealing with this:

Lycka till!


hentsteph Thanks, will try there instead.

RumbleMonk Wow ! Does it work with Octane too?

Found this,
As I am testing the demo right now and will wait untill next moth (new version on the way) to buy it, I can’t test it out.

Anyone know if there is a way to se all the texture tiles in UV Editor?