Multiple vertices suddenly appear out of a single vertex


Can’t understand why this has started happening, but imagine a mesh of a typical policeman’s cap/hat where the top comes to a point in the middle. All the edges coming from the perimeter of the hat converge to one vertex at top center. The hat and head are just part of the same mesh, and the neck has a couple of keyframes so the head turns slightly to one side, which works fine. The hat itself has no keyframes since it’s just part of the head.
As of today, within a few frames that one center vertex at the top of the hat suddenly becomes two…three…four or more different vertices that spread apart slightly and rearrange their xyz positions. I haven’t keyed anything to do with the hat, let alone that vertex, that might make random vertices appear out of nowhere.

I’m not a guru at Maya modeling, but I’ve done this enough and never had this difficulty before. When I merge vertices they stayed merged…so why they would pop out of nowhere and spread out is new to me. Any suggestions on how to check for where or what might be creating them so I can fix this would be greatly appreciated.


Please upload the scene file so we can inspect and fix it.

#3 (8.5 MB)

I may have made this a bit worse trying to resolve the issues, but here’s the file. It’s not a great job compared to what I’m sure all of you here can do, but it’s only for distant shots and may be slightly blurred anyway so it only has to be good enough.

Basically you’ll see that the apex on top of the hat is not one single vertex, and I’ve gone frame by frame connecting them and the next morning they’ll be flying apart again! During playback some faces also seem to pop and flicker, which I can’t seem to understand or fix. Also, the back of his shoulders used to be fine, but now it also seems to not be smooth and natural and the shadow line isn’t even and some faces/edges also flicker. Ug.

I admit I’m frustrated having to ask someone to take a look and point out where this went wrong, but I’d appreciate any help I can get and all pointers for future reference.