Multiple Photoshop Cs5 Windows on Taskbar Problem? ( windows 7)


Hi people,

I need a help to an annoying problem that in on my company’s new workstation. It runs on Hp windows 7 and all is fine but there is this really weird " Multiple Photoshop Cs5 Windows on Taskbar Problem"

Normally, when u open photoshop, windows and explorer only have 1 “adoble photoshop” on the taskbar. Something normal like this (I took this screenshot on home, but you get the idea. This is the “normal” Photoshop would appear on taskbar)

all my previous photoshop uses and my adoble cs, cs4 at home. is the same. One photoshop on my taskbar is fine.

But the nightmare came when I opening more documents on my company workstation. for each photoshop document you open, it takes up another precious taskbar space on my taskbar. And so 2 documents I have suddenly 3 photoshop windows side by side on my taskbar. Its so annoying! Like this! (I took this screenshot on home, but you get the idea. This is the “Ad-normal” & “Problematic” Photoshop-multiwindows on taskbar I’m talking about. It would appear on taskbar like this)

I dun wan to have so many tabs of adobe photoshop jumping all over my windows taskbar when I am busy sorting out my other windows folder and searching for my files. Believe me, this feature looks cool, but when u really use it, it becomes one of those features that looks nice with an idea that is good, but just not practical to use at all. To me, its unbelievable annoying. My colleagues shared my views but we have no ideas no change this.

Other people will suggest to go to preferences and try untick or ticking n playing around with the floating window/ cascade / open document as tab, but seriously it has nothing to do with those at all. Probably Windows 7 & cs 5 “special” ability, I do not know.I won’t be surprised if anyone can direct me and maybe within afew clicks I can solve this problem and get my photoshop to just be nice and simple 1 taskbar on my computer. I would be so gladful, really.

And also to know it is not under taskbar settings to “combine all windows or not to combine them” that didn’t solve the main issue too, because when its all combined, the photoshop still contains individual tabs within, as if its all individual, different programs.

Seriously hope any1 can help, or possibly tell me I am not alone in this. Thank you all for reading once again guys.


I’m having the same problem. It’s really annoying because I often have multiple reference images open, as well as a secondary window for my painting on my other monitor and using the “show desktop” icon is part of my workflow habit. After showing the desktop, when I go back to open photoshop it only opens the base program and all my open images remain minimized in the taskbar. I have to go in and individually click each file to restore it. Drives me crazy! I’ve talked with coworkers, IT at my company and with Adobe and no solution has surfaced yet. Did you ever figure out a fix/workaround for this or does anybody else know?


This is a wild guess, but try to rightclick the PS-icon in it’s directory (64 and/or 32bit) and go to properties. Set it to compabilitymode with Windows Vista, and run as administrator.

Programs like MSN Messenger behave in a similar way, and running it in compability with Vista (not Vista SP1, 2, 3 afaik) solves that specific problem.


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