Multiple extrudes with bevel deformer


Hey guys,
I need to do several inner-extrudes and extrudes on a sphere like in the attached image.
Was hoping to do this with several bevel deformes in a hierarchy. Problem is that each row of poly’s need different values for the extrusions. And above all cannot figure out a way of selecting the poly’s after the first inner-extrusion.
Would be nice if I can make t work this way otherwise will need to do it manually.

Many thanks, Robert



I’m sure there are better ways. Looking forward to see a solution nicer solution.
But here’s what I came up with.

I used the Py-ParametricTools from Maxon Labs:
These will be needed for this scene to work:
test_multiple_extrudes.c4d (177.1 KB)

You will see a bunch of consecutively executed Inner Extrudes and Extrudes on a hemisphere (which is still parametric). The thing is, one needs a selection to start with.

  1. So I made a copy of the hemisphere, made it editable and created a selection. This selection has to match the parametric object. If the number of subdivisions were changed, you’d need to create a new selection.
  2. Not strictly necessary, I copied the selection to the parametric hemisphere.
  3. Add the Py-Extrude and Py-InnerExtrude Deformers and restrict them to above selection. Done.


Of course this relies heavily on the inner workings of C4D’s modeling tools (the inner extrusion in this case), as these simply append new polygons. After each step, the selection still points to the original faces, which happen to be the “center” ones of the inner extrusion.

Not ideal, but maybe it can at least save you a few steps, if nobody else comes up with a good solution.



Ooooh this is such a wonderful help… thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I remember seeing an announcement being made long time ago, completely forgot about it.
This is indeed what I need; to keep it parametric so that I can really finetune the whole thing.
Now I will need one other thing; as you can see in the image, all extrusions are offset in the Y.
The shift modifier works only in one direction so I will need to find another (parametric) way of doing this.
Will skim through the different resources and see what I can find.

Many thanks, Robert


Not sure I understand. You want to move the extruded polys in their plane?
Is the Matrix Extrude tool in principal able to achieve the movement you need?
I should be able to extend the Py-ParametricTools with a parametric Matrix Extrude, if it was of any use for you.


I played around a bit.
The Matrix Extrude can not be put to use here as I had hoped. In order to achieve the movement I think you desire, the original selection is not enough. Also I had hoped, one could maybe use it with zero steps, just to move the selection, but that does not work either.

Nevertheless the Matrix Extrude adds a few additional degrees of freedom:


No scene provided, as it needs my updated Py-ParametricTools and I wouldn’t want to release a copy of Maxon’s property, even if it was originally developed by me. I’ll ask Maxon, if they want it and maybe they find the time to upload it to Maxon Labs. In that case, I’ll leave a note here.




Thanks a lot for your help… Much appreciated.
Indeed it seems to do what i need.

I attached a reference to make more clear what I meant.
Will keep an eye on this in case you have an update.

Kind regards, robert


Did you get my PMs?


Maxon uploaded a new version of “Py-Parametric Tools” on Maxon Labs.
This allows (among other new features) to parametricly slide polygons, thus should be able to achieve the offset described by Robert.





Was busy with another project for a few weeks but now coming back to this. Must say this update works perfect and means a lot to me.

Many thanks dear Andreas, much appreciated :slight_smile:


You are welcome :slight_smile: