Multiple Camera Angles


What is the best way to use multiple camera angles in C4D?


Crap… I know I read a good tip on this recently. It might have been 3D World or an online tutorial. Lemme see if I can dig it up for you. The method was pretty interesting, as it didn’t involve multiple renders.


Just use from objects>scene>stage, you can setup mutli camers from there.



Thanks, I always wondered what the stage was for.


For anybody who was wondering, thanks to videodv for the tip, make a stage object, and in the timeline, add a camera track. You can add keyframes to that to change to a different camera.


here’s a small tut. it’s in dutch but i think the images speak for themself


Sorry I should have been more specific, you can do as justicart says or from version 8 you can set your camara positions by moving the time line and draging your camaras into where is says camara in the stage object.

Example: you have three camaras: cam1 cam2 cam3 setup, set the time line to frame 0, then select the stage object and drag cam1 into where it says camara, then move the time line to your next position say frame 20 and drag cam2 into where it says camara (it will overwrite cam1) move the time line once again to say frame 50 and again drag cam3 where it says camara (it will once again overwright cam2). This will automatically set your camara key frames for you.

Hope this clears up any confusion.



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