Multipe macros into single mzp file


any help how can i install multipe macros using single mzp file ?

also how to encrypt the mzp installer ?


The mzp insaller is zip file with extension .mzp. If you encrypt it 3ds max will not be able to use it.
There are a plenty of scripts in scriptspot which uses mzp installers, so you can download some of them and see how to use the mzp to install the scripts.


i downloaded multiple mzp files from scriptspot and when i try to open it with notepad the code is encrypted
for example :

i know how to install them

i have finished creating multiple scripts and i want to pack them all in a single mzp is that possible or i have to make mzp file for each script ?


Why do you need to encrypt the mzp installer?
Do you want to be the only one who can install it? :wink:

I thought that encryption in MAX is already bad manners.


you can define more than one macro in one mcr file.


i just want my files to be as the other mzp file all over scriptspot for example thats all

after some research what i understand is that .mzp file is just a rar file with renamed extension and when opened by notepad it shows like what other mzp look like

can you provide a simple example please ?


macroScript Tool_1
toolTip:"Tool #1"
	messagebox "tool #1"

macroScript Tool_2
toolTip:"Tool #2"
	messagebox "tool #2"



Download this file:

Unzip it using any Archiver.
You will see that there are no encrypted files inside.

Sorry, but this means that you do not know how the mzp installers works:
“when i try to open it with notepad the code is encrypted”


yeah am still learning … thanks for the tip