Multimarker and my total loss of understanding it.


So I like to think I’m pretty sharp but… I can’t figure out how to place eyes on my Zbrush model and make em stick.

I’ve gone through a few scripts and fooled around with the Multimarker tool and the only result I’ve seen is an increase in my profanity.

does anyone mind walking me through it?
kinda like step1, do this. step 2, do that.

you know how sometimes things just don’t sink in.

any help is appreciated.

i’d hate for all my models to have eye-patches.


When using the multimarker tool, I like to get in and out quickly without messing about with sizing, position or rotation while within it.

So this is how I do it:

-Load the pieces you need into the tools palette and make sure that each has been saved as a tool. You’d need to save your head and one eye.
-Draw the head on the canvas and have it facing straight towards you (go in to edit mode and rotate with shift pressed).
-Multimark it (don’t worry about what is on/off in the Marker palette - these are only important when recalling your marked tools.)
-Draw the eye on the canvas and position, scale and rotate it so that it fits in the socket well.
-Multimark the eye.
-Snapshot the eye.
-Now move the original eye on the X-axis only until it is in the right position.
-Multimark this eye.
-Clear the canvas (Ctrl-N).
-If unsure, turn everything on in the Marker palette.
-Select the multimarker tool and draw it on the canvas making sure to do it well away from where the markers were placed so you don’t accidentally click on one.
-Don’t fiddle with it - just leave it where it is and go straight to the ‘Make polymesh’ button (I can’t remember if you need to be in edit or draw mode for this - if in the wrong mode, the Make polymesh button will be greyed out). There is a bug in ZB2 that will mean that you may not see one of the multimarked items in the MM tool when you draw it - if one isn’t there, don’t worry, just continue.
-Go to the tools palette, select the new polymesh and draw it, then save it straight away.
-You can now use the polygroups and masking to make adjustments if necessary with simple point pulling or using the Deformation sliders for gross changes.

Things are a little more complex if you are joing textured objects together. My advice would be not to texture until your final object has been made.

Are you using ZB2 or the 1.5 demo?


Just to add a few points:

  1. Strictly speaking you are ‘Marking’ your objects, not ‘Multimarking’ them. The button is Transform palette>Mark or hotkey ‘M’. To remove a marker first click on it to select it then press Transform>UnMark (Ctrl+ M).

  2. If you don’t want to alter the grouping you can make a Polymesh by simply selecting the MultiMarkers tool in the Tool palette and then hitting Tool>Modifiers>Make Polymesh. But it’s probably a good idea to check that things are where you want them to be because moving the eyes in their sockets after making the polymesh is difficult. To place the MultiMarkers tool on the canvas first switch OFF the Markers palette>Tool button. Then (having selected the MultiMarkers tool in the Tool palette) find Marker 1 and click on it. This will draw all the marked objects at their original size but most likely the rotation will be off. Hit the Rotate button so that the Gyro appears and then go to the Transform palette>Info sliders. Enter 0 in all three sliders (mostly only the Z slider will need changing).

  3. Having drawn the MultiMarkers tool on the canvas, hit Edit. You will now be able to freely rotate the whole group by dragging on the empty canvas. While in Edit mode, clicking on the Move, Scale or Rotate buttons will enable you to adjust the individual objects. Move your cursor until the red pivot point appears and then click and drag near to it (DON’T click actually on the red square) to adjust the position, size or rotation. Note: rotation is rather problematic! When you have finished adjusting your model leave Edit mode and then press Tool>Modifiers>Reposition. It is ESSENTIAL to do this otherwise all your changes will be lost. You can now press the Make Polymesh button to generate a Composite Mesh.

  4. As mentioned above, one object will disappear when editing/transforming MultiMarkers. There’s an easy way around this. Use a tool that you won’t be using elsewhere in the group and place it roughly in the center of the canvas (the first marked object is the center of rotation for the MultiMarkers group). Scale it small so it won’t get in the way and be sure to Mark it. Place and Mark your other objects and adjust as above, pressing Reposition after Editing if necessary. Then BEFORE pressing the Make Polymesh button, select the tool that you used for the first marker and Save it with a NEW name. This will remove it from the MultiMarkers. Reselect the MultiMarkers tool and press Make Polymesh.


Success Ordibble P. Lop!

Thanks for taking the time to explain.
I’m using ZB2 and it’s working like a charm.

thank you. vbmenu_register(“postmenu_2517429”, true);


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