multi-line label?


Is it possible to have more than one line in a single label? I’ve tried “\r” and "
" without any luck. Many thanks.


I think "
" does work, but you need to had extra height to your label using the height:someHeight parameter otherwise it will cut off your additional lines.


Hi, J_H. I know that height can be applied to editText, but to my knowledge alignment is a label’s only property.

edit: I stand corrected. I tried height:28 and it worked a treat. Thanks!


Ya know I never tried that. Very cool.


It is kinda neat, isn’t it? The multilines seem to default as a flush-left, but tapping the spacebar can let you at least approximate centered text.


If you want to center text, you can try a function such as the following.

fn centerString str width = (
	local spaceWidth = (getTextExtent " ").x
	local strWidth = (getTextExtent str).x
	local numSpaces = ((width / 2.0) - (strWidth / 2.0)) / spaceWidth
	local spaces = ""
	for i = 1 to numSpaces do ( append spaces " " )
	spaces + str

You’d have to split things up into multiple lines yourself before checking whether each line would need to be pre-padded, of course.

Quick example code for single-line use:

rollout test "test" (
	-- bitmap is just there to frame the label
	bitmap bmp_dummy "" width:102 fieldwidth:102 height:18 pos:[7,7]
	label lbl_test "" width:100 height:16 pos:[8,8]
createDialog test

-- set a text the usual way (aligned left)
test.lbl_test.text = "Hello World"

-- set as centered
test.lbl_test.text = centerString "Hello World" 100 -- 100 = label width


Sweet, ZB. :thumbsup:


It’s funny what you never try sometimes… this is new to me too…
I guess there’s no more dialogs defined like this!.. ha ha…

 label LB01 "The Move Vert Functions of Vert to Mesh can be found directly below" Align:#center
 label LB02 "the Vert To Mesh script in the Customize User Interface dialog." Align:#center
 label LB03 "" Align:#left
 label LB04 "\" Vert to Mesh - Move Verts \" - Moves selected Verts to Target Mesh" Align:#left
 label LB05 "\" Vert to Mesh - Minus Soft Select\" - Subtracts Spinner Amount from falloff" Align:#left
 label LB06 "\" Vert to Mesh - Plus Soft Select\" - Adds Spinner Amount to falloff" Align:#left
 label LB07 "\" Vert to Mesh - Toggle Mesh\" - Toggles between Selected and Target Mesh" Align:#left
 label LB08 "\" Vert to Mesh - Toggle Soft Select\" - Toggles Soft Select checkbox" Align:#left
 label LB09 "\" Vert to Mesh - Toggle Z Only\" - Toggles Z Only function" Align:#left
 label LB10 "" Align:#left

That’s a neat function too Zeboxx2…



Yeah, Keith, that’s pretty much what I was facing before I posted. :scream:


It falls right in line with the Messagebox string display…

Messagebox "	 Hi There
This is a whole Line



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