Multi camera problem.... hellllp


Hi , I would like to find an easy solution to render a scene animation.
Let say that I have a Maya scene with 100 frames to render, and I would like the frames 1-25 to be rendered with the Camera 1 and then 26-50 with the camera 2 and the frames 51-100 with the camera 3.
Is there a way to do it with only one render? Any idea the maya Trax editor can do it ?
Any help will be very appreciated.


The normal solution would be to have three separate files, each with the render globals set up to render out the specified range with the specified camera, and to render these file separately. You can have them command line render if you’re on windows by right clicking on the mb file icon and selecting render from the explorer browser (just make sure you set the render globals first and save, and set project too so that you know where the images will be rendered to).

You could use render layers to specify a render layer override on the frame range for each layer, but there is no ovveride for the camera used by each layer, so if you have three renderable cameras they will most probably render for each layer, which will slow down your render time rendering unwanted images.

You might be able to set up a command line render with the flags set to render every camera on a specified range, or you may not. I wouldn’t know how to set this up for a single render.



I use zooShots by Hamish McKenzie (


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