Muliple materials/ textures..


Was wondering if anyone can give me some pointers or answer some noob q’s :slight_smile:
Procedural versus mapped bitmap: Which would be better to use for a some nice landscapes? Should I use a good grass/bumpmap texture or use a grass procedural material for a landscape with a bit of close work?

Using multiple procedural materials - I found a tutorial showing how to do this by using multiple terrains. Is there any other way to do this? so having say two areas of the same altitude using two different materials with no mixing? IE a circle of dirt patch in a field? Is there a way to use alpha maps to contain material to a certain area on a terrain? Was looking at the vue 5 inifite and looks like you can use ecosystems to do something like this now?

last question… Is it possible to combine procedural and mapped bitmaps over the same terrain? thx


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