Sorry for posting here but I couldnt find anywhere else.

Im having a problem with my viewport and need to know if its somthing I can easly fix or somthing wrong with the program.

You see that black bar under the screen? I dont know why its there Ive re downloaded the program a couple of times and it is always there. When you click an area on the model to work with the cursor affects the area about an inch above where I want it to work. So for example I click on a characters torso the characters head is whats affected instead.


Looks like a driver problem, try installing the newest videodrivers for your graphicscard.


Dont use cracked software…
The best fix for it


he could have downloaded it legaly from their site after buying it.


Its called a free trial. Thanks for the accusation. Appreciate it.


Always welcome :slight_smile:
The reason i accuse you because everyday i see on polish forums topics about mudbox and black screen at the bottom.
The reson was cracked exe… not properly cracked :smiley:
Anyway thats what others say
We should end this discussion before we get banned :hmm:

I have full copy of mudbox and i love it so far :thumbsup:


TheScape is right, it’s a driver issue. I had the exact same problem.
Updating my displaydrivers worked.


Ok, thanks


Awesome, worked like a charm.

Just as a closing note dont accuse people of things because you THINK you know whats going on. I dont steal things. The things I get I get from my school

Thanks again.


It has nothing to do with this… it’s a driver issue… pops up every other day on the skymatter forums.


Be careful when updating your drivers though. To run mudbox, you need the latest drivers. However, my copy of max8 crashes my machine when I use the latest nvidia drivers. So I had to switch max to use the software drivers instead of OpenGL in order to run max and mudbox at the same time. Probably won’t happen to you, bit in case it does, now you’ll know why :slight_smile:

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As others have said, you just need to update your drivers. (i had the same problem)

Dimawer1987 instead of help you presented an acusation and wrong information, maybe you should read the posting instructions again.

“Engage your brain before your mouth. You are responsible for your own words and any harm they may cause.”


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